19 Photos That Show You Have to Eat Fast if You Have Pets

2 years ago

There are countless funny and slightly annoying situations every pet owner can totally relate to. And if you’ve ever planned on enjoying your cup of coffee and a fresh, delicious cupcake only to find out your four-legged friend already managed to steal it, we feel you.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we gathered the most hilarious photos that clearly show your pets can steal your heart and your food.

1. “This little dachshund decided she wanted corn and stole mine.”

2. “When you think Taco Bell missed part of your order, but it turns out your cat just stole it.”

3. “This guy stole my croissant.”

4. I can put my hand through this little hole quietly and without anyone noticing...

5. “This is my cat fighting to keep the sausage she stole from the table.”

6. “Magpie making off with his stolen chocolate cookie”

7. “Cute thief, stole my mini pancake”

8. “He stole my lunch apple!”

9. “You know that muffin you left on the side? It exploded.”

10. “Hehe, Hugo stole the baguette from the table.”

11. I stole what? Impossible...

12. “Aspen, the cat burglar”

13. “Caught them with a stolen pancake and they followed me upset.”

14. “My dog stole a potato off the counter and made me chase him. His idea of a prank.”

15. He had a look of regret on his face, but he kept the bagel.

16. “We got a nugget thief... caught red-nosed!”

17. “Soup thief! Caught red-mouthed”

18. “She stole my popsicle.”

19. “This criminal stole my coffee mug!”

What food do your pets like to steal the most? What do you share with them when you want to give them a treat?

Preview photo credit Thekillerisme99 / Reddit


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