20 Men Who Found Their Inner Macho by Growing a Beard

2 years ago

Research shows that bearded men are often considered more attractive. They are also thought to be more confident in their masculinity, yet in a very quiet tone. Maybe it’s these guys sending out these characteristics to the world that makes them so well-liked. Whatever the reason, it might be a good time to make a change and start your beard-growing journey.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a huge fan of change and think that these 20 men look absolutely dashing with their full beards on.

1. “Officially 6 months, side by side for comparison.”

2. “A beard with a push-up effect”

3. “My beard is exactly one year old today! We made it!”

4. “Time inverted my hair.”

5. “Some faces need a beard! 6 months, zero trim — just wash, oil, and brush.”

6. “My beard is 6 months old today.”

7. “31 years old — with or without the beard?”

8. “Jumping on the beard migration band wagon”

9. “The difference a beard makes...”

10. “The no beard, beard”

11. “My beard came back strong.”

12. How do you like this transformation?

13. “It’s been 2 years since I stopped the clean-cut look and just grew a beard. I do miss the clean-cut look sometimes.”

14. “My friends have dubbed me ’Father Time.’”

15. “Beards really can change someone’s look entirely. I’m 30 years old in both photos.”

16. “So I finished my beard in December, but I’m still going!”

17. “What a difference a beard makes.”

18. “Age 28 on the left, age 41 on the right”

19. “18 vs 30”

20. “My bearded journey so far”

Do you think that all men can look more attractive with a nice beard? Or maybe it depends on each person?

Preview photo credit Bufooner / reddit


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