After I Started to Look Good, My Husband Began to Cheat on Me. His Explanation Shocked Me

3 weeks ago

After giving birth to two children, our heroine regained her beautiful physique, found a high-paying job, and managed household chores. Despite all this, her husband started to cheat on her. He honestly explained why he did it, and it was shocking.

She shared her story online.

I am a 37-year-old woman. I have been married to my husband (40M) for 10 years. We have 2 kids together. I never had any issues in my marriage before. After my son was born I went into deep depression. My life was not in the right track anyways. I was stuck in a dead end low paying job. I was handling my boy alone because my husband had to work overtime to feed us.

When my daughter came, I made a decision to change myself. I have changed my diet and bad food habits. I go to the gym and do yoga every morning. My sleep has improved. My mood has improved drastically with just some changes. I do not get irritated easily or become helpless. I have also updated my resume and looked for a job that suits me. I make a decent amount of money now.

I get compliments from people around telling me I look great. I have lost a ton of weight too. I thought my husband would be happy, but he is not. He dislikes that I get compliments from people or when people compliment me in front of him.

Then I discovered he was cheating on me with a coffee shop waitress. I have looked through some of the chats of her and my husband, and she called me an old hag trying to fit in with the young. She is only 22 years old. I am devastated. I thought my husband would be happy. Our intimate life has been better than ever. This affair has been going on for 7 months.

Despite me working more hours now, I still do all my wifely duties. I cook for him, make him his lunch for the office, I initiate intimacy. When I confronted him about the affair, he told me being with me is always overbearing. He feels invisible because most people give me attention.

And somehow it is my fault. I was obsessed with myself rather than noticing how this is making him feel. He feels small because he has been stuck in the same place 5 years ago. I don’t get it. I never pushed him to follow my lead. I always told him that I loved him no matter what. Why is this happening?

Now here I am getting a divorce from him. On the bright side, I have a lot of free time in my hand. I realized that half of my chores have been reduced. I know kids are messy, but there is a huge relief. I started to notice, my husband was the one who made half of the mess, and I was the one who cleaned it.

Last week, I went to the theater with my son and daughter to watch Barbie. We were accompanied by my friend who is also a single mom of 2. I felt good wearing the replica of cowboy costume that Margot Robbie wore (my friend's idea). We did have a lot of fun.

I am still trying my best to stay afloat. And I am not thinking about dating. I do not have the urge to date at the moment. I did get hit on in a few places but nothing exciting.

People sent rays of kindness and support to the woman in the comments.

  • This is happening because he knows you're too good for him. He's making himself feel better by going for a young person earning not great money so he can feel like he's better than she. Which is obviously what he used to feel about you, until you very loudly proved him wrong. © mynamecouldbesam / Reddit
  • I am so sorry he is doing this to you and your family. It’s really easy to beat the fuck out of everyone around you emotionally when you can’t bring yourself to face your own bullshit. He feels some type of way for not keeping up with you for the last 5 years, so he cheats and talks shit because changing is hard work (as you know) and facing the fact that you are too lazy to change is even harder. © Laurenoviciiii / Reddit
  • Congratulations on all the fantastic life improvements! Your husband didn’t really want a wife, he wanted an emotional punching bag and doormat. I have always been the breadwinner between my husband and me, and I’m actively working on getting in shape again, because I was tired of looking at photos where I could see I was overweight, and I was tired of my knees hurting. What does my husband say about that? He actively helps by cooking healthier meals for us both, and going for walks in the evening with me, and cheering me on the whole way. I also helped him totally revamp his resume after a hiccup at his job a few years back that thankfully didn’t, but could have ended with him needing a new job, and again, he wasn’t diminished by it, he was thankful he had someone who loved him who could help. And when I get compliments when we’re out, he thinks it’s fantastic that damn right his wife is beautiful. The end of any relationship is hard, but you’ve done the hard work to set yourself up to succeed, and that’s the biggest thing. You’ll be living a great life, supporting your kids well, and when you’re ready, finding a guy who will love you for you, while your ex is dead ended and stuck with the leftovers. © ArmenApricot / Reddit
  • I am divorced from my first husband, who I had a child with. I was devastated that my son would grow up in a "broken home" and remember saying that to a close friend of mine. What she said has always stuck with me, though, "your home was more broken while you were with him." I'm terribly sorry you're going through this, but it sounds like you deserve someone who appreciates you and sees what all these other people see in you that upsets him so much. Sending a virtual hug your way, I hope through this hard time you can find peace and happiness. © IcyConsideration4307 / Reddit

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