18 Cleaning Gurus Who Can Make Anything Shine Like a New Penny

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2 years ago

We all have our own ideas on how clean our houses should be. While some people don’t really mind the mess, others need to have everything organized by size and color. Psychologists say that it depends on your personality: Type A people tend to be perfectionists and can’t stand any degree of chaos around them, whereas people with Type B personalities are more laid back.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that all people can enjoy satisfying before and after cleaning photos, no matter their preferences for their own house. That’s why we’ve gathered some impressive examples of determination put into tidying up.

“I love seeing floors that were covered for a long time. I always say, ’I found the floor.’”

“30 minutes, good music, and I helped out tomorrow me.”

“My ex moved out yesterday, so my bathroom got a glow-up.”

“I finally got around to cleaning my post-operation mess. I’m feeling fresh!”

“Purged, cleaned, and reorganized. I feel so good about it!”

“I cleaned the playroom.”

“400 feeder crickets got loose in my room, forcing the need for an emergency deep clean. It was exhausting, but I already feel so much better.”

“I’m trying to get my life together after a difficult period.”

“I cleaned my desk.”

Just look at the joints between the tiles.

“Play area clean-up after birthday gift explosion.”

“This cupboard has been bothering me for a year, and I finally had both the time and motivation to tackle it.”

“I finally cleaned my oven today! (Yes, it was long overdue.)”

“When I do my speed-cleaning, I just throw everything in this corner to deal with later. Later was today.”

“The before and after cleaning of a door. The other dog left because she got bored with how long it took to clean.”

“Before and after in my closet. I can hardly believe it’s the same place.”

“It turns out that living alone is more difficult than I thought, but I am finally catching up with the mess.”

“A lot of bleach and a lot of scrubbing!”

  • I clean professionally and would hire you in a heartbeat, you did an amazing job! For your information, that pink slime in your grout is a bacterium called Serratia marcescens that grows in damp areas, fortunately, it’s much easier to get rid of than mold. © Sparkling_Clean / Reddit

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