20+ People Who Can Motivate You to Get Off the Couch and Start Changing Your Life

2 years ago

When people share their successes on social media, we only see the final result of someone’s hard work. It’s easy to misjudge such posts and get the impression that major changes don’t require much effort. But in reality, the path to success requires you to take the first step and never give up.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we chose 23 incredibly strong people whose actions speak louder than words.

“Broke my family’s poverty cycle — my wife and I just bought our first home!”

“Same spot, 3 years apart! So much happier and healthier!”

“Got brain surgery. I made it through.”

“I spent my entire adult life being afraid to swim because of my loose skin, but today that changed!”

“I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’m down 40-ish pounds and under 240 for the first time since 2013.”

“50 and finally got my master’s degree...I’m super stoked!”

“I’ve lost the average American male in weight! The highest weight was 527 lb in August 2020. 327 lb today!”

“Words cannot possibly describe how proud I am of my wife.”

“The depression was so bad, I couldn’t do my dishes for months. Today was the first time both my sinks have been clean since March. I’m so proud of myself.”

“I’m 25 years sober as of today. A note to anyone just starting this journey: You can do it, I believe in you.”

“I’ve dreamed of this piece for so long, and after 42 hours of painting tiny little marks, I couldn’t help but smile. I feel one step closer to my dream of becoming a professional artist!”

“I just moved into my very own place and am living 100% independently for the first time.”

“I have cerebral palsy, which has always made it difficult for me to run and jog.”

“Today, despite my disability, I jogged 2 miles (with a few walking breaks) and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! Here I am, happy post-jog!”

“Completed my first commissioned painting this week!”

“Running has always helped with depression. Wasn’t sure how I would get through 2020 after I got injured, but I found a new hobby, and today I made the fountain I used to run past every day.”

“I’ve been doing art for years now but have never drawn anything that had to do with human anatomy. I thought I would be awful at it but I’m genuinely proud of what I was able to accomplish!”

“I am officially 3 years brain cancer-free today! I think my scar has healed nicely...”

“My wife and I became first-time homeowners today!”

“I’m a tattoo apprentice and tried my first color realism today.”

“Follow your dream.”

“I was finally able to exhibit my artwork at an exhibition!”

“After 6 months of nurturing and watering, here is my baby pineapple.”

“Today was my last day of veterinary school! I’m now a fully licensed vet! Never give up!”

Do you have any achievements you’d love to tell everyone about?

Preview photo credit PrattlesnakeEsquire / Reddit


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