15 People Who Aren’t Afraid of Giving Their All to Achieve a Goal

2 years ago

The journey to success is a complex and bumpy one. It requires true dedication, willpower, and plenty of hard work. Even so, some people don’t let themselves get scared and climb any mountain in order to achieve their goal. Whether your purpose is to make something look brand new again or to lose a few pounds, people like this show you that anything’s possible.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a group of people who’ve mastered the art of never giving up.

1. “I said goodbye to the old me.”

2. “I drew the first picture in 2014. Today, I drew it again.”

3. “Really happy with this job.”

4. “I’m 41 and just earned my degree.”

5. “My son, who was told last year that he was behind in reading, just finished his first ’big kid book.’ All 131 pages!”

6. “Today my braces came off after 2 corrective double jaw surgeries, and I’m finally happy to smile at 28 years old!”

7. “It’s been 1.5 years since open-heart surgery.”

8. “After bouncing from one entry-level gig to another, I finally convinced someone I’m better than that.”

9. “I just moved into my first very own place and am living 100% independently.”

10. “I made a coffee table and put a moss garden in it.”

11. “I’m 4 years from when I started my journey. I’m so proud of myself.”

12. “Neighbors told me they already jet-washed this bench, I kindly offered to give it another go for them.”

13. During her battle with cancer and after she beat it

14. “I never thought I’d be able to do something with my art, but I can finally say it. I’m a published illustrator!!”

15. “Lost 200 pounds in a year through fasting and walking, then crushed my fear of working out around others at the gym!”

What’s your biggest accomplishment ever?

Preview photo credit karlbarxalot / Reddit


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