22 People That Claimed They’d “Never” Get a Pet and Totally Fell for a Cute Furry Friend’s Charm

2 years ago

When it comes to incorporating a new family member in your life, a 4-legged one specifically, there is almost always someone who opposes it that must be convinced. But the evidence speaks for itself that the person who doesn’t like the idea at first ends up being the one who spoils the animal the most and gets the most attached to it.

In Now I’ve Seen Everything, we’ve proven that it’s worth insisting on getting a pet, even if you’re facing the most reluctant person in the house.

1. “Dad then: ’We don’t need another cat in the house. It’s pointless.’ This is my dad 2 months after we adopted Felipe.”

2. “My dad and the cat he ’didn’t want’”

3. “My husband went from ’I hate dogs’ to sleeping together in front of the fireplace.”

4. “Just to clarify, these are YOUR cats, I want nothing to do with them...”

5. “My husband and the cat he didn’t want”

6. “My mom said I could never have a pet in the house. Also my mom...”

7. “My father, who didn’t want any more dogs”

8. “He didn’t want a puppy. He said he would move out. Sure, honey. Meet Daisy.”

9. “My grandpa with the kitten he didn’t want”

10. “I begged my husband for months to let me get a dog, and he reluctantly let us get her because ’she really seems to like you.’”

11. “My dad and the dog he didn’t want to get”

12. “He proclaimed that cats just ’aren’t as friendly as dogs.’ Now they eat vanilla ice cream together like absolute soulmates.🍦”

13. “I don’t love him, he’s just a dog...”

14. “Took me 20 odd years to convince him to get a cat. He stopped saying no but never said yes. One surprise later...”

15. “He didn’t want a cat. Now he sits like this because Winston likes shoulder scratches.”

16. “’Fine, we can get a dog but he’s yours and not allowed on the couch...’ 2 weeks later, I find this: loudly snoring in harmonic rhythm.”

17. “1 year ago: ’I’m not a dog person.’ A few months ago: ’Don’t get a dog.’ 2 months ago, he gave in, saying, ’Okay, fine, let’s get a puppy.’ Today: ’She is my daughter and if I eat, she eats.’”

18. “Dad then: ’Dogs are too much responsibility.’ Dad now: ’The dog is my favorite family member because he goes to the park with me every morning.’”

19. “’I don’t want anything to do with your dog,’ then he proceeded to buy a bike with a basket. 😂”

20. “I will NOT be raising that dog!”

21. “He said he didn’t want me to foster because he didn’t want me to get attached. Guess who is ooey-gooey over them and wants to keep all 3 now?”

22. “Dad didn’t want a dog. Dad and the dog:”

Do you know someone who went through the situation of not wanting a pet and then falling madly in love with one? What made them change their mind?

Preview photo credit milleepthesheep / Reddit


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