20+ People Who Got a Complete Makeover and Became Unrecognizable

8 months ago

We all have old photos that make us want to laugh and cry at the same time. After all, we are constantly evolving, including improving our appearance. For some, it’s enough to grow up, for others, it’s about getting braces off, and for some, it’s undergoing plastic surgery.

“What a 10 year difference can do.”

“Before & after: double-jaw surgery & rhinoplasty.”

“6 months post double jaw surgery.”

“This is me after 10 years of procedures.”

“Age 18 to 23 — I used to look up in photos to try to hide my substantial double chin.”

“(16-24) From emo, short hair, glasses, acne, braces, and baggy clothes to sunglasses, blonde hair, and makeup.”

“2010 (18) vs 2020 (28)”

“2019-2020 — Went through a bad year after a horrible failed toxic relationship (2014-2018) gained a bunch of weight then got it together finally.”

“17, followed by acne + Accutane by 18, but I made it to 27.”

“12 to 20!”

“Just puberty. 12 to 18”

“19 to 27 — 220 lbs down due to gradual and sustained change over a long time.”

“16-19 or how I learned to start shaving and escape the neckbeard”

“Always dreamed of owning a motorbike, made it happen 14 years later and had a glow up along the way. [14-28]”

“15 years old to 26 years old. I used to cut my hair short so I looked like a guy and food was my warm blanket.”

“Lost 100 lbs and now I model full time!”

“May 2019 to me just yesterday. Lost 65 lbs this year since February.”

“Age 17 on the left, age 34 on the right.”

“My crooked teeth gave me such bad self confidence issues, but I’m glad to say that I now have a smile that makes me happy.”

“My ex took my kids away 6 years ago. I let myself go, my teeth all but fell out. But after a new lease on life, I can smile with the world.”

“2 weeks post op rhinoplasty and submental liposuction.”

  • You look amazing! Please dont take this the wrong way but in you’re after you look like you could be the daughter of your before. © amoeji13 / Reddit

“I put in a lot of effort into my feminization.”

Сelebrities also change over the years, and most of them get better. They change their style, hairstyles, and makeup, becoming more beautiful with each passing year.

Preview photo credit heat_from_fire / Reddit


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