18 Strong-Willed People Who Lost Their Extra Weight and Rediscovered Themselves on the Way

2 years ago

According to researchers, people’s body image — the way they feel about their weight and appearance — is directly linked to their overall life satisfaction. That’s why it’s so important not to chase the latest trends but be comfortable in your own skin. And sometimes, what started as a journey to a healthier you evolves into a journey of self-discovery.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know that these kinds of changes require tons of hard work, so we’ve compiled some examples of people’s amazing progress for those of our readers who need a bit of motivation to begin their own journey.

1. “230 to 119 lbs in about 4 years. It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. Found this old picture today and can’t believe the difference hard work can make.”

2. “From 419 to 206 lbs with 213 lbs lost — 3 years, no shortcuts”

3. “From 250 to 135 lbs, having lost 115 lbs — I made it to my goal weight!”

4. “260 to 220 lbs. 2 years and 40 lbs apart”

5. “469 to 332 lbs, having lost 137 lbs — I’ve still got lots to go but I’m proud of my first year of progress.”

6. “From 157 to 132 lbs with 25 lbs lost — a 2-year maintenance check-in!”

7. “From 250 to 159 lbs with 91 lbs lost — the first time I’ve had a thigh gap since probably birth!”

8. “Age 15 to 19 — I’d like to thank Accutane and losing 90 lbs!”

9. “266 to 149 lbs. Really feeling myself these days!”

10. “300 to 159 lbs with 141 lbs lost — a pure and utter desire to turn my life around and make something of myself!”

11. “From 258 to 188 lbs with 70 lbs lost — I find it’s honestly incredible the difference the weight makes, no longer the fat kid!”

12. “I am over the moon with my progress so far :) Healthy habits changed me!”

13. “From 220 to 140 lbs with 80 lbs lost — cycling changed my life!”

14. “From 325 to 248 lbs. I can’t believe I’ve been on this journey a full year.”

15. “From 196 to 145 lbs with a total loss of 50 lbs — the difference is night and day!”

16. “200 to 172 lbs means I lost 28 lbs! I have a neck!”

17. “275 to 149 lbs, having lost 126 lbs — not sure how much weight he lost but we made progress together!!”

18. “For real, I got a reset button.”

Have you ever gone on a weight loss journey? If you have, please share with us how you achieved it and what kept you motivated.

Preview photo credit Savytrash / Reddit


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