18 Photos Prove That a True Masterpiece Only Needs One Second

10 months ago

Sometimes, all it takes for a great shot is a mere moment. Masterpieces are created when you manage to grab your phone or camera just in time. The right moment or an unusual angle can transform an ordinary picture into a museum-worthy exhibit.

1. “This Crane looks like its wearing my sneakers”

2. “He’s just on top of the closet”

3. One second before disaster...

4. You asked for it.

5. “The timing of this image makes it look like my nephew is a waterbender.”

6. “My friend used to love that bird.”

7. “Years ago my brother lost his cellphone on a roller coaster. Then he saw the ride photo...”

8. “Just a typical family photo with our furbabies...”

9. When speed and idleness met in one frame.

10. Yeah I could use a pet poltergeist as well.

11. I’ll help with those ripped tights, mom!

12. Aight, Imma just take this.

13. Grandfather and 3 brothers in 1940, a moment before their grand fall

14. “The way my brother’s phone camera caught the flash of this lightning”

15. A rare sight, a cat from IKEA assembling itself

16. A giant dog roams over a freshly plowed street — nothing special, keep on scrolling.

17. “Napping Comfortably”

18. “Dramatic bird selfie”

Here are a few more mind-boggling coincidences that resulted in absolutely stunning photographs.

Preview photo credit moonshine12 / Reddit


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