20 Pics Proving That a Kid’s Mind Is an Ongoing Surreal Comedy

year ago

We all have impressive childhood memories and hilarious stories to tell. That’s because at a young age everything is being experienced for the first time, and all situations have a ’’bigger than life’’ effect on the brain. Therefore life around children seems like an ongoing sequences of surprises. It would even make us adults dream about going back to that careless age, where our mind wasn’t controlled by restrictions and obligations.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is fascinated by kids’ unique way of seeing the world. Here are some special situations that will take you back to the wonderful period of childhood.

1. ’’My cousin’s friend let her son wear this hoodie on picture day, if he promised to take it off for the photo. He didn’t.’’

2. “It’s been a long hard day at daycare.”

3. ’’My daughter wanted to be a Tide pod.’’

4. “My newborn looks like Kevin from The Office.”

5. “My daughter is really nailing these combos. While Action Dad is home with kids, Pregnant Barbie mom is rocking the astronaut business.”

6. ’’My son takes his superhero role too seriously.’’

7. “My daughter put a package of ramen in her school lunchbox yesterday.”

8. “Dada, will you untangle my pasghetti?”

9. “My morning walk with Rick.”

10. “My 6-year-old daughter is really developing as an artist!”

11. “15 minutes later they’re still looking for it!”

12. “My eccentric 3-year-old daughter asked to be Joker.”

13. “My 1-year-old saying goodbye to me this morning”

14. “I think my daughter has the evil eye stare down to a pat.”

15. “My two lovely, brilliant, bright sons. One playing a game on the iPad, the other... chewing on the remote control?!”

16. “My 1-year-old determined to lift the 12lb medicine ball after seeing his older brother do it.”

17. “Little me running away from Roger Rabbit”

18. “My six-year-old daughter decided to prank her kindergarten teacher.”

19. “My son wanted a glow stick to sleep with tonight. Not going to say no to that interesting request.”

20. ’’My daughter wanted to be a Tide pod.’’

What funny things have your children done? Do you remember anything hilarious from your childhood?

Preview photo credit NicCages / Reddit


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