17 Pregnant Animals That Prove They Aren’t That Different from Humans

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Just like humans, animals bring their newborn to this planet by carrying them in their bodies for some time. They too feel tired, sleepy and eat more during that time, but some animals remain pregnant for way longer than humans. For example, the African elephant gives birth after 645 days, while a mouse needs only 19 days to give birth. That’s why some creatures have large populations while others keep seeing their numbers going down.

1. A cat that doesn’t enjoy her pregnancy at all.

2. A pregnant white tiger.

3. I was told there would be glowing.

4. A zebra’s pregnancy lasts 13 months.

5. A beautiful goat waiting for her due date.

6. A very pregnant sea horse.

7. Bet you’ve never seen a pregnant snake before.

8. “This x-Ray of a pregnant turtle would make a killer album cover.”

9. “Backyard whitetail deer from Texas.”

10. A cute guinea pig.

11. Animals feel exhausted during pregnancy, just like humans.

12. Pandas usually only give birth to one cub at a time, every 2 years.

13. An elephant’s pregnancy lasts 95 weeks.

14. Pigs give birth after 114 days.

15. Everything becomes mission impossible.

16. A beluga whale gives birth after 450 days pregnant.

17. A walrus’ pregnancy is even longer, lasting 600 days.

What pregnant animal amazed you the most? Have you ever seen any other animals just before they gave birth?

Preview photo credit Unknown user / Imgur, ateart / Imgur


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