17 Urban Designs That Need to Be Adopted By More Cities Around the World

2 years ago

In today’s age over 55% of the population, which is 4.2 billion people, lives in city centers. This has forced many cities to evolve and build large housing compounds and buildings. But, aside from that, cities are always trying to accommodate people any way they can, while staying close to technological evolutions.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that our cities need to jazz things up a bit and up their design.

1. Street lane that allows electric cars to charge on the go.

2. “This guy runs a coffee shop out of a Beetle.”

3. Heated bus stations

4. “The bus route in my city has a library in it.”

5. “Luminous road markings in Nantes, France”

6. “This guitar shop that looks like an amplifier”

7. “Someone painted the cement barriers into a giant Toblerone.”

8. “The fountains in my neighborhood are dog accessible.”

9. “The park benches in my city have built-in umbrellas”

10. “Bridge structurally supported by balloons”

11. “The elementary school in my neighborhood installed this to park the scooter.”

12. “Van Gogh bike-lane, The Netherlands”

13. “The bike rack at this dentist office looks like it’s being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste.”

14. Why not play with a large scrabble?

15. “This car park in France has soft barriers between parking spaces to stop people scratching other cars.”

16. “These bollards outside a school shaped like pencils”

17. Phone booth aquarium

Which one of these wonderful urban designs and technological inventions would you like to see in your own city?

Preview photo credit Gov.uk, DoararagiKoyomi / tumblr


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