21 Pictures That Confused Our Brains More Than Our Fifth Grade Algebra Book

2 years ago

Sometimes, bad perspective and the wrong angle are the perfect mix to trick our eyes into thinking we are seeing something far away from reality. For these kinds of images to be deciphered, you need patience and also a lot of attention to detail. Do you think you have both of these qualities?

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we collected for you a selection of photos that might have your eyes and brain confused for a while. Perhaps you will need to examine them once, twice, or even more times.

1. “My little guy is growing up too fast!”

2. A woman with a dog’s head or a dog with a woman’s body?

3. “I genuinely thought my car was hovering over the parking.”

4. “Worlds strongest dog breaks head through cement”

5. “My son moved his cookies in front of his face as I took our picture on a flight. It looks like I have chubby little baby hands.”

6. “She has no problems reaching the top shelf.”

7. “This is a puddle”

8. “Perfectly polished car roof.”

9. “I laughed so hard at myself, I figured I can’t keep this from the world.”

10. “Great Pyramids of Florida”

11. Is the cat on the left too small or is the cat on the right a giant?

12. The garbage bins of the future

13. “Puppy head seems to be mounted on the wall.”

14. Probably an effective method of transportation

15. Simbaaaaa

16. “This photo was taken of me at a 5K and it looks like I’m floating.”

17. When the cat merges with the house dog

18. “Heavy snow makes this dog look huge.”

19. “This miniature recliner makes my cat look gigantic.”

20. “This photo of my cat looks like she’s just a head on the plate.”

21. “Gigantic raised house”

Are there any photos that, no matter how hard you look at them, you have trouble understanding? We’d love to see them!

Preview photo credit noble_29 / Reddit, Emojipedia


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