21 Pictures That Will Warm Your Heart Like a Cup of Hot Cocoa

2 years ago

People who smile a lot are healthier and have better chances of succeeding at work. When you’re smiling, you’re not just doing it for yourself; in fact, you are creating an infectious wave of happiness that affects those around you.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything care about your level of happiness, and with this in mind, we’ve gathered the most heartwarming pictures on the Internet. From kids hugging their pets to matching father and son outfits, these photos are guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face.

1. “Them puppy eyes”

2. “Whelp, this explains why the temperature of our house has been all over the map the past week.”

3. “Where has the time gone... So excited to watch my blue-eyed baby excel at school!”

4. “My daughter and the kitten we saved in the rain yesterday”

5. “I immediately fell in love with her.”

6. “Being a dad has been a blast! Now she’s 20 and in college. Time flies! Enjoy the ride!”

7. “I’ll never get tired of the way she looks at me.”

8. “Our first father and son outfit!”

9. “I’ve looked at him the same way since 1975.”

10. “After 2 years of wearing Spiderman clothes almost every day, my son finally got to meet him yesterday.”

11. “My son met his idol today.”

12. “My dad proposed to my mom again on the 40th anniversary of his first proposal.”

13. “Today is my grandparent’s 66th wedding anniversary!”

14. “My stepdad, my son, and my husband. The 3 greatest men in my life. My heart is full!”

15. “My son and our cat, every single day”

16. The way these 2 brothers look at each other

17. “They are best buds.”

18. “My grandparents 60 years later and still each other’s everything”

19. “My golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome.”

20. “Pure happiness from both kitten and father-in-law”

21. “My cat is absolutely obsessed with our new kitten.”

What is the most touching situation you’ve experienced lately?

Preview photo credit Exotic-Question-8292 / Reddit


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