22 Father-Daughter Photos That Can Make You Feel Their Love Through the Screen

2 years ago

There’s no greater gift than that of becoming a parent. And the unique bond fathers have with their daughters is truly unlike any other. Although it might be easier for fathers to relate to their sons, they are softer and more attentive with their daughters.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything couldn’t count how many times we smiled as we scrolled through these pictures of fathers with their little princesses.

1. “My daughter has shown me a level of love I didn’t know existed, and also a level of patience I never knew I had.”

2. “Yesterday, I became a dad on my birthday! There are exactly 29 years between us.”

3. “My daughter and I wore Air Force 1s to our first ever Daddy Daughter Dance.”

4. “My 6-year-old daughter has been asking for months to have a mohawk like her daddy.”

5. “In the future, when someone asks what it was like to work from home in 2020, I’ll just show them this picture.”

6. “My daughter crawled up in my lap while I was playing guitar, and my wife snapped a photo.”

7. “My premature daughter holding my finger for the first time at 9 days old”

8. “This knight’s daughter came up after all the jousting and ’healed’ everyone with her wand, then kissed her daddy.”

9. “I was helping my teenage daughter dye her hair tonight when this happened.”

10. “She was crying. I put my hand back toward her. She grabbed my finger, leaned in, and immediately fell asleep.”

11. “My dad’s reaction to seeing his daughter in her gown on her wedding day”

12. “As a single dad, I don’t have all the time and money in the world, but I thought of this a while ago. My daughter loved it.”

13. “When your daughter crawls into your lap for a nap on a lazy Sunday, you don’t move until she’s ready for you to move.”

14. “My daughter put her sandals inside my work shoes so she could wear them and ’be like Daddy.’”

15. “After only seeing her online, this is the first time I’ve ever held my daughter after being away for 12 months.”

16. “This is the way I do bedtime with my daughter.”

17. “My daughter thinks I’m a superhero after I put her to bed at night.”

18. “I took my daughter out for cupcakes, and her smile is everything.”

19. “Took a pic of my husband falling in love with our daughter.”

20. The Rock watching The Lion King with his daughter “for the 987th time”

21. “My favorite photo of my daughter and myself from my wedding day”

22. “My daughter saw a claw machine and asked me to get her a dinosaur. My years of claw machine training have finally paid off.”

What’s your favorite memory with your dad or daughter? Make the comment section home for your sweetest photos and stories.

Preview photo credit ninja_rob1603 / Reddit


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