15 Animals Whose Derp Levels Blew the Scale

2 years ago

Animals bring adventure into people’s lives. The fact that they’re completely unpredictable is part of what makes sharing a home with them so much fun. One second everything is quiet and the other you find your dog playing in the cat’s tree, or your cat sitting in its new water bowl. It makes for never-ending entertainment.

Now I’ve Seen Everything now puts the spotlight on pets who gave their owners a reason to laugh.

1. “Just wanted a nice family photo.”

2. “Saw the Labradors breaching today. Just spectacular.”

3. “My cat Steve, making a weird face at me.”

4. “My cat is a bit ‘special’ when it comes to relaxing.”

5. “My dog and her new Frisbee. I don’t think she can see but hey she loves it.”

6. “Forgot to shut the garage before work, came home to this.”

7. “How is this comfortable?”

8. “Yes, I am definitely one of the cats.”

9. “I got a new instrument.”

10. “My friend’s dog Isabelle, who stole all our hoagie rolls.”

11. “What’s wrong with him?”

12. “Sometimes I feel like I adopted some other animal that’s disguised as a cat.”

13. “Got him a new water bowl. I think he misunderstood what it is. And yes he sits in the water.”

14. “My cat has a system that turns a tail into a donut when the cat pulls up.”

15. “My dog really loves snow but it’s rare here. She’s beautiful in her joy when it happens.”

Can you share any derpy photos of your pets where they look both funny and a bit insane at the same time?

Preview photo credit jimmynudetron69 / Reddit


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