6 Stars Whose Bodies Didn’t Fit Hollywood Standards, So They Changed the Standards Themselves

6 months ago

Hollywood sets rigid standards: stars must be young, toned, with perfect figures and not a hint of cellulite. However, times have changed, and now celebrities are breaking these stereotypes, shining on stages and red carpets with stretch marks, shorter stature, and imperfect smiles, expanding the notion of beauty.

Ashley Graham

© ashleygraham / Instagram, ANDRES KUDACKI/AFP/East News

Ashley Graham rightfully earns her title as a star who revolutionized the concept of beauty for the female body. She fearlessly challenges outdated stereotypes: Ashley, without hesitation, steps into the spotlight after childbirth, proudly showcasing her stretch marks and post-pregnancy belly. She doesn’t fret over the natural folds on her body because she knows they are a part of life’s journey.

Gisele Bündchen


Long legs, slim body, and charisma made Gisele one of the highest-paid models in the world. However, the ex-angel of Victoria’s Secret doesn’t really have a waistline. And when she wears the right clothes, this little detail is impossible to notice.

Leighton Meester

East News, Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

Leighton Meester was one of the brightest stars on Gossip Girl. But unlike her colleague Blake Lively, Leighton’s legs are unique. But the actress doesn’t really care about it, and she chooses to wear the dresses she likes. This is how she shows that she accepts the body she has.

Emilia Clarke

NPA/The Grosby Group/EAST NEWS, Gilbert Flores /Broadimage/EAST NEWS

The star of the popular TV show, Game of Thrones, is 5 ft tall. Emilia Clarke loves eating tasty food, but she doesn’t care that she doesn’t really fit the Hollywood standards of beauty. Even though many people say that she has a fuller figure, this doesn’t make her any less attractive.

Uma Thurman

BP/ADM/Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS, East News

Uma Thurman is not only a talented actress but also a pretty tall woman (5’11″) with long feet. But she doesn’t have any problems with this as she easily chooses shoes with no heels. And who cares about such little things when one of the greatest directors of today admires your feet.

Rebel Wilson

Actress, scriptwriter, and producer Rebel Wilson shows what it means to be different every day. And she proves that if you are really talented, it doesn’t matter what you look like. Forbes acclaimed her as the most perspective actress in Hollywood. So, who cares what size clothing you wear?

We appreciate that modern women have stopped being ashamed of what is truly natural. Many celebrities, for instance, choose not to remove body hair and confidently showcase it even on red carpets.

Preview photo credit ashleygraham / Instagram, ANDRES KUDACKI/AFP/East News


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