A Father Swoops Urgently from Australia to America to Prevent His Ex from Putting a Newborn Daughter Up for Adoption

4 months ago

A devoted father from Australia embarked on a profoundly significant journey. Traveling from Australia to Texas, he undertook a mission of utmost importance, one that could potentially save a life. Upon discovering that his ex-partner intended to put their newborn daughter up for adoption, he hurried to intervene. Delve into the story of the baby’s fate and the father’s emotional journey as we uncover more details.

The man followed the decision guided by his heart.

An anxious new father hastily traveled from Australia to America with a single, noble purpose: to prevent his baby daughter from being put up for adoption by his ex-partner. The man’s name is Dan Gaut, and he makes his home on Sydney’s North Shore. Dan’s path crossed with his ex-girlfriend Liv during a vacation to San Francisco in early 2023.

Their love was so immediate and intense that Liv made the life-changing decision to leave her home and community in Austin, Texas, and join Dan, a carpenter, in Australia, where they planned to build a life together.

The couple’s relationship wasn’t progressing as anticipated.

When Dan met Liv, he genuinely believed she was «the love of his life.» The duo was inseparable, and in a short period, they discovered they were expecting their first baby together. However, this didn’t mark a promising beginning for a new and happy family, as the two soon went their separate ways.

Cracks in their relationship surfaced when Dan’s girlfriend, Liv, became extremely homesick, prompting her return to Texas. She felt an absolute need to be closer to familiar faces and her support network.

Originally intended as a simple «visit,» the situation took a turn for the worse. Dan Gaut later received the devastating news that Liv had no plans to return. With this decision, Liv set him on a determined path to raise their baby daughter by himself.

When his baby daughter was born, Dan didn’t hesitate for a moment about what he needed to do.

On Sunday morning, Dan’s ex-girlfriend, Liv, went into labor in Texas. The father-to-be received the news, but it came with a twist. Liv had recently rekindled her relationship with her former boyfriend, and they had divergent life plans. A newborn wasn’t part of these plans, leading her to contemplate putting the baby up for adoption once she arrived. Liv shared this decision with Dan, leaving him with no option but to hastily travel to Texas to rescue his baby daughter.

Dan recalls, «As soon as I found out that she was going into labor... I booked a flight for 2:15 the next day, which was Monday, which gave me enough time to get the ESTA visa for America.» He then adds, «Then I just packed and tied up all the loose ends I could and just got on that flight.» The new dad was extremely excited to meet his baby daughter. He said, «I didn’t sleep a wink. I was like wired and excited and hearing other babies on the plane, and it was just so surreal.»

Upon their initial encounter, the father felt an overwhelming sense of joy meeting baby Ana. He vividly described the experience of seeing his daughter for the first time as nothing short of «magical.»

The newfound father is now envisioning exciting plans for his life.

Dan is completely swept away by the instant love he feels for his newborn daughter, Ana. He expresses, «The love for her took over, and it was like such a magical loving moment that I just, just couldn’t wait to hold her.» Referring to his daughter as a «little angel,» he mentions that he couldn’t ask for anything more. However, there’s a minor hiccup that Dan is eager to resolve soon — obtaining a US passport for Ana, a process that might take up to five weeks, even with expedited processing.

Dan said, «Once I have the passport in my hands, then it’s just getting one of the ETA apps for the Australian visa for her.» The new dad added, «Then at the same time we’re filing for her Australian citizenship.» Dan now has a big and cordial assistance of a community, and it’s making him closer to a happy ending.

Dan’s ex-girlfriend also has something on her mind.

Mr. Gaut shared that he has received an overwhelming number of supportive messages from family and friends in Australia following the birth of baby Ana. His parents are incredibly supportive as well, expressing deep affection for their granddaughter. Dan mentioned, «I did get to speak to mum and dad...they couldn’t speak, they were that excited.»

Dan’s ex-partner Liv has even expressed her wish to be in Ana’s life. He revealed, «She’s definitely mentioned how much she loves her, definitely, and she wants to be part of the baby’s life, that’s for sure, and we don’t know how exactly it’s going to go.»

The woman assisted her ex and offered him help as well. Dan explained, «She’s very supportive of me bringing the baby over, there are no problems there — she even offered to make the flight with me, just because I’m so nervous about flying alone with a newborn.»

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