A Woman Who Eats Toilet Paper Every Day Revealed the Reasons Behind This Weird Habit

5 months ago

While many of us have peculiar eating habits that may appear unusual to others, some individuals elevate this quirkiness to a whole new level. Meet Kinah, a resident of Chicago who has been eating toilet paper for two decades, spending more than a thousand dollars each year on what she proudly calls “the ultimate snack.”

Kinah passionately attests that she eats “toilet paper all day, every day, it’s so good, it really hits the spot.” She openly shares that she carries a roll of toilet paper with her wherever she ventures, even though she often draws odd looks and prompts people to reach for their phones to record her in public. Her devotion even extends to a preferred type of toilet paper: single-ply, as it’s the most convenient for her to consume.

Kinah elucidates the reason behind her unusual eating habit, stating, “I think I crave it because I love the way the toilet paper feels on my tongue, how it dissolves when it hits my tongue.” She has also shared that her dependency on toilet paper started during her early years when she had to leave her family and move in with her grandmother and aunt.

Kinah’s penchant for consuming toilet paper carries its share of consequences. She acknowledges that excessive indulgence in her favorite snack results in stomach pains and difficulties with bowel movements. However, her condition, often referred to as “xylophagia” or paper-eating disorder, doesn’t trouble Kinah. She reflects, “Everyone’s got their weird thing they do and that’s just mine.”

Many people achieve fame due to their unusual eating habits. One such case is a TikTok user who exclusively eats food with metal tongs, and he recently disclosed the heart-wrenching reason behind his unique choice.

Preview photo credit TLC / YouTube


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