Elizabeth Hurley Was Criticized for Filming Intimate Scenes With Her Son, but She Called It “Relaxing”

4 weeks ago

Actress Elizabeth Hurley and her son participated together in the shooting of a new film. This is not so rare in the film business, but it’s all about the fact that 22-year-old Damian filmed intimate scenes with his 58-year-old mother. This fact caused a mixed reaction.

A family affair

Elizabeth Hurley, at 58, embarked on a cinematic journey with her 22-year-old son, Damian. He not only captured her best angles but also provided a sense of security and comfort. Damian stepped into the role of a director for the first time. Elizabeth adds that Damian always wanted to make a film. And, he wanted her to star in it. Elizabeth agreed to join her son for his first movie.

He led his mother through unfamiliar territory with a nurturing presence. The film, an explicit thriller, revolves around mature themes. Reflecting on the experience, the young director shared that the swift 18-day Caribbean shoot was «terrifying».

Their collaboration caused a stir.

Damian, who is known for taking his mom’s bikini photos for social media, confessed that seeing his mom’s body is not a significant issue. “People find this really controversial,” he said. “We’re in the business. Show business has been a fundamental part of my entire life, so for us, it’s just not a thing. It’s just part of business. She takes my photos, I take her photos.”

“But I’m relaxed in front of him, too,” Elizabeth said. “He looks out for me. I do have to be photographed in bikinis because it is one of my businesses — who likes to be photographed in bikinis? No one.” “It’s just, it’s relaxing knowing someone’s behind the camera who looks out for you, which was the same on this movie in a way, because you know the things that his script needed me to do in this weren’t necessarily things I had always done in movies many times before, but having him there meant that I felt safe and looked after.”

The film’s trailer, released in February, showcased a bold scene. It features Hurley in an intimate moment with her co-star. This wasn’t new for Damian, who had experience capturing his mother’s bikini images for social media.

Elizabeth echoed this sentiment, finding solace in being photographed by someone who genuinely cares for her well-being. Especially when the script called for actions she hadn’t frequently portrayed on screen. “I knew he would look after me. So actually, it’s kind of liberating to work with your family. I may do it again,” the actress revealed.

Damian wrote the movie when he was 20.

“He always said, ‘If I ever get to make a real film, will you be in it?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely, your first film, I will definitely be in,” Elizabeth said.

Liz emphasized the importance of feeling protected during production, a sentiment that extended to the post-production phase. Damian, too, recognized the comfort they found in working together. He further suggested that this film was just the beginning of their joint ventures in the industry. The mother-son duo are open to working together again in the future.

Elizabeth stands by her decision to work with her son.

In Strictly Confidential, Hurley portrays Lily, a widow who confronts the mysterious death of her daughter and husband. The plot thickens as Lily’s affair with her daughter’s friend becomes a pivotal element of the story. The fact that Elizabeth filmed intimate scenes for her son’s movie wasn’t received super well by the public.

But, Hurley quickly defended the scene’s necessity. She stated it was crucial for the narrative and not merely for shock value. Despite criticism from some who questioned the appropriateness of the mother-son dynamic in this context, Hurley maintained that the experience was empowering and professionally fulfilling.

A famous psychotherapist says it might not have been the best parenting move.

Dr. Jenn Mann, a therapist known for her work on Couples Therapy, has offered some guidance to Elizabeth Hurley regarding her recent film project. Mann suggests that Hurley should maintain a certain level of modesty around her adult son, Damian. The therapist believes that the nature of their professional interaction crosses the boundaries of a typical parent-child relationship.

Mann, who has authored two popular parenting books, speaks from a place of expertise. She cautions against parents engaging in intimate acts in front of their children, regardless of their age.

However, it’s impossible not to note how fantastic 58-year-old Hurley looks. Here are a few of her beauty secrets.


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