Heartache for Cher as She and Her Boyfriend Broke Up, Leaving Us Feeling Heartbroken

10 months ago

Cher, the iconic singer, and Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, a music executive, have ended their relationship after six months of dating. Despite their 40-year age gap, the couple seemed to be happy together, and Cher even noted that ’’love doesn’t know math’’.

The surprising news

In a recent report by TMZ, it has been confirmed that the legendary performer, Cher, and her boyfriend have decided to end their relationship. While the details surrounding the breakup remain unclear, what is certain is that the news has come as a surprise to many. This is particularly true given the recent speculation surrounding the couple’s engagement, which was fueled by Cher being spotted sporting a large diamond ring gifted to her by her now ex-partner, Alexander Edwards.

They were never engaged.

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Despite rumors of an engagement between Cher and her now-former partner, Alexander Edwards, sources close to the couple have revealed that the speculation was unfounded. According to these sources, the couple had made a conscious decision to “play into the speculation that it was an engagement ring.”

While this news may come as a disappointment to fans who were hoping for a fairytale ending, it should be noted that Cher herself has yet to confirm or deny the reports. The iconic singer has been notably absent from social media since March, leaving many to wonder what her next move will be.

They had a powerful chemistry.

Cher’s relationship with Alexander Edwards began in September 2022, during Paris Fashion Week, according to reports. Less than two months after their initial meeting, the couple was first spotted together in public, confirming their status as a couple. While the exact details of their whirlwind romance remain unknown, it is clear that the pair’s connection was strong enough to lead them down the path of a romantic relationship.

Cher’s affection for her former partner, Alexander Edwards, was evident in her public statements about their relationship. The iconic singer had described Edwards as “kind, smart, hilarious,” suggesting that he possessed a unique combination of traits that had captured her heart. In addition, Cher had also revealed the passionate nature of their romance, stating that they kissed “like teenagers.”

She gets along better with younger men.

Cher has long been known for her preference for dating younger men, having been linked to a number of heartthrobs who are more than a decade her junior. The iconic singer has been open about her dating history, noting that her attraction to younger men has been a consistent theme throughout her life. In a candid statement, Cher revealed that “If I hadn’t met younger men in my life, I would have never had a date because older men just didn’t like me all that much.”

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Throughout her dating history, Cher has been linked to a number of younger men. When she was 38 years old, she dated Tom Cruise, who was just 23 at the time.

As Cher and Alexander ’AE’ Edwards move on from their relationship, it’s worth remembering that their age gap was just one part of their story. Here are 16 other celebrity couples who have proven that love can conquer all, even when there’s a significant age difference involved.

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