10+ Fascinating Body Features That Make People One of a Kind

10 months ago

Having specific physical traits that set us apart from everyone else may cause us to feel different, but, it’s all about the way we approach it. Looking at things from a different angle can significantly change how we perceive things. Once we recognize our differences as something special and unique, we will embrace our beauty to celebrate it every day of our life.

1. “Embracing my nose one day at a time.”

2. “I’m Carmen and I paint my vitiligo — this is the ‘glitch’ effect.”

3. “This is my first tattoo. I’m deaf in my left ear and I’ve never been more excited!”

4. “My daughter’s birthmark is an upvote.”

5. “Patchy and proud! Had this for ages. My left eyebrow/eyelashes got some love too.”

6. “I have a skin condition that makes it so my skin is a human Etch A Sketch.”

7. “I have a scar smiley on my leg.”

8. “My little one was born with 2-toned hair!”

9. “My daughter’s elf ears.”

10. “My friend’s double nail”

11. “I used to be insecure, but now I love my badger hair.”

12. “The eczema mark on my hand looks like a landmass, so I turned it into a map.”

13. “My son inherited my joined together toes.”

14. “Not coloring my hair anymore. Embracing my grays!”

What physical trait do you have that you think distinguishes you from others?

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