10+ Telling Signs That You Should Show More Love to Yourself

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What do you do when you love someone? Perhaps, you take care of this person, make good things for them, and support them. The same things can be applied to yourself. But if your interests and desires are always your last priority, probably you don’t respect yourself much.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we are sure that self-love is about small things. They show how a person treats themselves. So, let’s talk about them.

You sleep more than 7 hours a day.

Sleep is important to our body as much as eating, drinking, and breathing. A person who doesn’t care about the quality of their sleep doesn’t care about themselves. Lack of sleep makes the immune system weaker, increases the risk of heart disease and weight gain. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are also often associated with sleep problems.

Doctors recommend sleeping at least 7 hours a day. And those who take care of their health follow this advice.

You lay the table before having a meal.

You can go to an expensive restaurant, buy only organic food, and follow the recommendations of your personal nutritionist. But all this is worthless if you tend to have meals on the go, without taking your eyes off the screen of your smartphone. If you practice mindful eating, this can not only improve your digestion, but also the relationship with yourself.

When glossy magazine editor Kamin Mohammadi went to Florence to learn how to love and accept herself the way Italians do, one of the first things she learned were the rules of table setting. “I set the table, put a napkin, maybe even put a vase of flowers. I cook something delicious. I do it not because someone can check if I’ve served everything correctly. But for myself,” a local explained. “I do it for myself, because I feel good this way. It makes me feel more beautiful and happier. This way, I show respect to myself.”

You don’t eat and drink from chipped dishes.

If a dish is chipped or cracked, a self-respecting person will part even with a favorite cup or plate without regret. If a person thinks, “Okay, it will do” and continues to eat from the chipped dish, they are subconsciously sure that they don’t deserve anything good in life. By accepting lesser things in any aspect of our life, we deprive ourselves of what we truly deserve.

You don’t answer calls and texts when you don’t feel like it.

Nowadays almost everyone has a phone in their pocket, and receives a lot of texts every hour. So, it’s not that easy to ignore received emails and calls. In fact, there is nothing bad about not answering a text if you don’t feel like answering it immediately.

A person who values their time prioritizes things according to their desires and needs, and therefore has the right to ignore this sudden invasion of privacy.

You don’t wear worn-out clothes.

Often people continue to wear worn-out clothes, for example, their favorite T-shirt with holes or sweatpants with outstretched knees at home because they can’t throw them away.

According to psychologists, worn-out clothes that have stains, holes, or fluff on them affect our self-esteem negatively. By dressing neatly and nicely, a person proves to themselves that they always deserve good things, no matter whether they are at home watching TV or doing a presentation at work.

You don’t save on bed linen.

On average, a person spends a third of their life sleeping. The quality of sleep determines our well-being during the day: if we don’t get enough sleep, we become irritable, absent-minded, and unproductive. The choice of bed linen plays an important role in this matter. Synthetic fabrics can cause irritation. Also microscopic dust mites can live in bed sheets and pillowcases.

Poor quality fabric and irregular washing of bedding can cause skin problems and allergies. Those who care for their physical and psychological comfort don’t neglect either the quality of their bed linen or the rules for caring for it.

  • If you are careful with your linens, launder them properly, and personally place value on having fine things, then I do think that high-quality linens are a good investment. My personal buying habits are such that I prefer to have high-quality products that I only have to replace every ten years or so. The one rule is always buy 100% cotton. There are some newer rayon-like fabrics made of bamboo that will feel good too. Avoid anything made of plastic (e.g. polyester). © Alaina Zulli / Quora

You take care of your teeth.

Your teeth can say a lot about you. It’s believed that a beautiful smile is the sign not only of your health, but also of your financial state. Besides, teeth are one of the first things other people pay attention to. According to surveys, smiling plays an important role in communicating with the opposite gender and at a job interview.

A healthy smile is not only the sign of well-being, but also of self-confidence. Crooked, unhealthy teeth, bleeding gums, tooth decay, and bad breath bring your efforts to look attractive to naught. People who treat themselves with love and respect keep this in mind, and therefore take care of their teeth and visit a dentist regularly.

You do physical exercises.

It’s no secret that exercise is good for your health. It helps you to lose weight, reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Besides, working out affects our self-esteem positively.

Scientists proved that people who don’t have problems with self-esteem and self-respect are more likely to maintain physical activity. Some of them attend gym, some exercise at home, and some walk regularly. All these activities help to maintain physical shape, reduce stress, and significantly improve the quality of life.

You buy clothes of high quality, and not cheap items “for any occasion.”

“Sale! I have to buy as much clothes as possible,” some people think and buy hundreds of unnecessary things. At the same time, the quality, style, and relevance of the purchased clothes are the last thing they think about.

A self-respecting person has a different attitude to their wardrobe. Properly chosen clothes not only help to make a good impression on others, but also can increase a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, a person who loves themselves, as a rule, takes care of their style and prefers clothes of high quality. Why settle for less and wast money on unnecessary junk?

You don’t save on shoes.

The approach “I’ll buy cheaper shoes because they’ll be worn out by the end of the season” is not only short-sighted, but also harmful to your health. Cheap shoes may look nice, but most often they are made of poor quality materials, and this may lead to discomfort and foot pain.

Good shoes are made in accordance with the anatomical structure of the foot and, importantly, can last more than one season without losing quality and appearance. One of the main conditions for high-quality shoes is how comfortable your feet feel in them: the shoes should not be too loose or too tight.

You don’t do dangerous cosmetic procedures.

Those who can’t live without doing another cosmetic procedure probably can’t accept themselves the way they are. This behavior is usually based on body dysmorphic disorder where a person is obsessed with the idea that some parts of their body are flawed.

Unfortunately, many cosmetic procedures are painful, dangerous, and simply pointless. For example, permanent makeup, which is very popular now, can result in swelling, blistering, or overgrowth of scar tissue. Liposuction is associated with the risk of blood clots and fat clogs in the lungs. If in pursuit of beauty and youth a person is ready to risk their health, this is a clear sign that they need psychological help.

We are sure that self-love is not an unhealthy obsession with yourself but something that helps you build a good relationship with the world around you. Do you agree with this? Which signs help you tell that a person really respects themselves.


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