Heartbreaking Reason Why Miss Japan Shocked Everyone and Gave Up Her Title Just 2 Weeks Later

4 months ago

At the age of 26, Karolina Shiino achieved the prestigious title of Miss Japan. However, she shocked everyone by relinquishing her crown, and the reason behind her decision appeared to be connected to a personal life scandal.

STR / AFP / East News

Recently, a Japanese magazine named Shukan Bunshun has released an exposé claiming that the young woman had an affair.

According to the article in Shukan Bunshun, Ms. Shiino was implicated in a romantic involvement with a married influencer and doctor. The man involved has refrained from issuing any public statements on the matter.

Last week, in their initial response to the report, the pageant organizers defended Ms. Shiino, asserting that she was unaware of the man’s marital status. However, on Monday, they revealed that she had confessed to being aware of his marriage and family.

The Miss Japan Association stated that the 26-year-old had apologized for her misleading statements, and the organizers had accepted her resignation from the title.

Ms. Shiino also issued apologies to her fans and the general public in a statement, expressing that her actions were driven by fear and panic in reaction to the report. She noted, ’’I am truly sorry for the huge trouble I have caused and for betraying those who supported me.’’ The Miss Japan title will now remain vacant for the remainder of the year, despite having several runners-up.

Despite this unpleasant situation, a lot of people supported Karolina.

  • I believe you were working hard to become a Japanese person, and it was very hard for you to be a foreigner growing up here. You have Japanese spirit. I don’t think such personal, private thing should be a reason for you to step down. Personal and professional should be separated. Whatever you are feeling now, there are people who believe in you and your hard work you put in order to be a Japanese person. I am sorry such private thing is on the media. © senia_samurai / Instagram

Women who don’t fit traditional beauty standards and aspire to become Miss often face criticism. However, we firmly believe that these outdated standards won’t prevent them from achieving the top spot. Beauty comes in diverse forms, and it’s time for a more inclusive perspective to shine through.

Preview photo credit STR / AFP / East News, karolina0824 / Instagram


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