“How Is That Even Possible?” Grandma, 63, and Her Husband, 26, Spark Heated Controversy as They Expect Their First Baby

3 weeks ago

A couple often scrutinized online for their substantial age gap has happily announced that they are expecting their first child. Cheryl McCain, 63, has gained widespread attention for her marriage to 26-year-old Quran McCain. Their unconventional relationship began when they both worked at a Dairy Queen. Over time, their relationship evolved into a highly publicized marriage, attracting both support and criticism.

Their love blossomed years after their initial meeting.

Their first encounter, which was purely platonic, eventually led to a romantic relationship when they unexpectedly crossed paths again at a gas station years later. Quran was 23 at the time. After several weeks of spending time together, he expressed his feelings for Cheryl, and they started dating in April 2021. They got married that September and soon after, they created joint social media accounts to share their journey with a broader audience.

Despite the couple’s happiness, Cheryl’s children strongly disapproved of the marriage. Cheryl lamented, “I have seven kids, but I only see one of them, as the others do not support our relationship. It hurts me, it hurts me a lot.”

“They were my whole life, and suddenly I wanted to marry someone I had fallen in love with, and they didn’t support that. I have 18 grandchildren and I only see three of them,” she shared.

Nevertheless, despite the challenging journey, they are prepared to expand their family.

In a recent development, Cheryl and Quran have revealed that they have found a surrogate and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby. Cheryl announced the news through a TikTok video, which included sonogram images. She addressed her critics with a defiant caption that read, “You’re too old to be starting a family,” accompanied by a resolute message, “I got my mind up.”

The announcement elicited both congratulations and criticisms.

The couple shared their profound happiness upon learning they were expecting a child. Cheryl expressed, “It was an amazing feeling to find out we were going to have a baby. We get to start our own family. I am the happiest now than I have ever been before. It will make our family so much happier as we will love the baby unconditionally.”

Quran echoed her sentiments, stating, “I cried with tears of joy when I found out. This will be my very first child. I have never felt love like this apart from the time I got married to Cheryl. Baby girl or baby boy, it doesn’t matter. I am having a baby, and we are starting our life together. Even though Cheryl won’t be the biological mother, blood doesn’t make you family, and she will be the best mom.”

The announcement has stirred a blend of congratulations and criticism, primarily stemming from the notable 37-year age gap between Cheryl and Quran. Some individuals are skeptical about the feasibility of the situation. One commenter questioned, “How is that even possible?” Only time will reveal whether the arrival of their child will pave the way for reconciliation within their family.

Another heartening love story emerges from a couple who remain united even after one of them experiences a severe accident, dramatically altering their life.


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