I Refuse to Let My Stepdaughter Move Back In, Unless She Pays Us Rent

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After Claudia’s stepdaughter lost her job and needed to move back in, she insisted on paying rent. This unexpected turn strained family relations, causing Claudia considerable distress. She reached out to us seeking guidance on how to navigate the situation.

This is her letter:

It's his daughter! You expect your mother to stay and when his daughter needs her father you put in your two cents! It's his daughter; great father!


Hi Claudia! Thanks for sharing your story. Here are some tips we hope will be helpful to you.

Establish clear legal and financial boundaries.

Seek guidance from a legal advisor to clarify your rights concerning the property and to establish explicit financial arrangements.

Create a written agreement outlining the conditions of your stepdaughter’s residency, covering rent, household duties, and a schedule for her to secure employment and independent accommodation. This document will establish clear expectations and safeguard your interests in case of disagreements.

Engage in personal reflection and seek counseling.

Consider individual counseling to explore your feelings and develop coping strategies for dealing with the situation. Reflect on what aspects of the situation are most upsetting to you and why.

Counseling can provide you with tools to manage the stress and emotional impact, and help you approach the situation with a clearer, more balanced perspective. It might also help you find ways to strengthen your relationship with your husband during this challenging time.

Consider alternative solutions.

To resolve this issue, consider proposing alternative living arrangements for your stepdaughter. For example, suggest that your husband assist her in finding a nearby apartment or support her in securing temporary housing.

Additionally, offer to help with budgeting or connect her with resources that can support her independence. This approach demonstrates your willingness to assist her while also maintaining the boundaries you feel are necessary within your home.

Choose open communication and mediation.

Arrange a family meeting involving your husband and stepdaughter to openly and calmly discuss the situation. Consider bringing in a neutral mediator, like a family therapist, to facilitate the conversation and ensure that everyone’s feelings and concerns are heard and respected.

Additionally, emphasize the distinction between your mother’s brief visits and your stepdaughter’s potential long-term residency. This can help clarify expectations and contribute to a more constructive dialogue about the living arrangement.

Another story of housing tension involves Nessa, who wanted to invite her grieving mother to stay in their family home, but her husband objected, insisting that she pay rent.

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