"I'm Lucky To Be Alive," Disturbing News About Halsey’s Health

2 weeks ago

29-year-old singer Halsey shared troubling news about her health. She looks tired and exhausted, but she's not giving up. The woman didn't disclose the exact nature of her illness, but there have been some speculations. People believe that she is dealing with serious health issues.

In July 2021, Halsey became a mother. At that time, she talked about motherhood and skincare. She has shared an unexpected addition to her skincare routine: breast milk.

Halsey stated that becoming a parent has made her more conscious of what her skincare routine looks like, especially when her baby is in close contact. "I've always been really conscientious about what goes on my skin, but when your baby is kissing you or snuggled up against you, you become hyper-cognizant of what's on your face."

Now, the situation has changed, and skincare is no longer a priority. Unfortunately, Halsey is facing serious health issues. The singer expressed gratitude for her life, acknowledging a recent struggle with her health. Although she didn't specify her conditions, she hinted on Instagram about being diagnosed with lupus and leukemia.

Through a series of images and videos from her hospital stay, she conveyed feeling like she's aged significantly. In the caption, she summarized her experience, "Long story short, I’m lucky to be alive." This update coincided with the announcement of her fifth studio album and the release of its lead single, The End, where she reflects on periodic health challenges.

Halsey sings, "every couple of years now, the doctor says I'm sick". One of Halsey's videos shows her undergoing treatment in a hospital, while her latest song features lyrics about "poison" in her bloodstream and beginning treatment.

Halsey has discussed her ongoing health struggles, mentioning, "I've kind of been sick most of my adult life." She has undergone treatment for various conditions such as endometriosis, Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, Sjogren's syndrome, and mast cell activation syndrome.

Another star who openly talks about her struggle with lupus is Selena Gomez. However, despite her serious illness, people continue to criticize her appearance.


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