Jason Momoa Calls His Mum, Who Raised Him Alone, a Superhero and Fulfils All Her Dreams (Including Meeting Julia Roberts)

6 months ago

“I grew up where everyone was a wrestler or a football player, and I was the skateboarder, an outcast,” Jason Momoa recalled in an interview about his childhood. For a long time he did not fit in with his peers and his only real friend was his mother, who supported all of her son’s ideas and did everything she could for his future. Today, this brutal and successful actor is determined to fulfil all of that woman’s dreams.

Jason has always been very close to his mother

Born in the picturesque state of Hawaii, popular and exceptional actor Jason Momoa comes from a family of remarkably talented artists. His parents, Coni and Joseph, both possess incredible artistic abilities. Coni, his mother, is an exceptionally skilled photographer, while Joseph, his father, is an accomplished painter. However, Jason grew up in Iowa under the tutelage of his mother, Coni, whose profound influence has had a lasting impact on his life.

In a heartwarming Carhartt short film called “Canvas of My Life,” the Game of Thrones shared his deep admiration for his mom. He fondly said: “I was raised by a strong single mother. My mom’s an artist in every way. She’s a painter, a photographer. She’s a wanderer, always searching, always seeing. I guess you could say my mom gave me her eyes.”

Jason Momoa’s mother, Coni, went to great lengths to juggle the responsibilities of four jobs. After separating from Jason’s father and returning to her hometown, Coni faced the task of raising her son as a single mother.

She accomplished the remarkable feat of working three to four jobs simultaneously to meet their needs while Jason attended high school. Jason has a deep sense of gratitude for all that his mother, Coni, has done for him and affectionately refers to her as his superhero.

As a poignant expression of his deep affection for his family, Jason has adorned himself with tattoos bearing their first names, each in their own handwriting. These significant works of art are prominently displayed on his chest. While Jason’s mother and her family played a pivotal role in his upbringing, his father also made a sincere effort to be a part of the talented Hollywood star’s life.

His mum helped him cope with his fame

Momoa has seen much of the world, from studying pastels in Paris to practising Buddhism in Tibet. The outlet notes that he was encouraged by his mother’s openness. Perhaps that’s how he got through the tumultuous period after his Game of Thrones stint, when he was unemployed and deep in debt. If he hadn’t continued to see the good in things, we wouldn’t have had so many of his iconic roles.

In gratitude, he began to fulfil her dreams

Jason Momoa, 43, had an exciting encounter with the beloved actress Julia Roberts, who is 55 years old. They both appeared as guests on The Late, Late Show with James Corden, and Momoa couldn’t contain his excitement. He took to Instagram to share the joyous moment with his fans.

In one adorable selfie, Jason Momoa and Julia Roberts playfully made silly faces at the camera. The second and third images were even more heartwarming as Momoa’s mother, Coni, joined them. Dressed in a white peasant blouse, she was beaming with happiness during this special celebrity meeting.

Momoa shared the photo with a caption that expressed his excitement: “Took me MA to see James Corden. Meet the legend Julia Roberts the Momoaz geeked out a lil.”

Literally a big mummy’s boy

Today, when the actor is an adult and truly successful, he still sees his mother as his main support in life. In an interview, Jason said that in the most difficult moments in his work, he can go out, call his mum and cry to her well. And she will definitely find the right words of comfort for him.

He calls his mother his main hero, and makes sure she feels his love and care. But despite his brutal image in films, Momoa is a sentimental man who values family above all else. That’s probably why he manages to stay on good terms with his ex-wife, pay attention to his children and be a good son and grandson.Bravo, Jason!


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