Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Choose to Embrace Aging Together and Raise Kids on a Farm

6 months ago

“I knew the minute that I met her that she was the one.” Opting for a graceful journey through aging, this couple not only welcomed their graying hair but also committed to embracing the natural progression of time. Navigating the unpredictable Hollywood landscape, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton have chosen a unique trajectory, deciding to raise their family on a farm, far from the glitz and glam.

Burton and Morgan hit it off instantly when they first met.

When Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan first encountered each other, the chemistry between them was undeniable. Reflecting on their initial meeting, Morgan expressed, “I knew the minute that I met her that she was the one.” Burton, in turn, acknowledged Morgan’s charm, stating, “You were smooth. You knew exactly what you were doing. You were really charming.”

Their connection was so profound that Morgan was determined not to let Burton slip away. The actor shared, “I wasn’t gonna let her get away. She was on her way to Paris when I met her, and I was on my way to New Mexico to do a movie, and somehow I convinced her that New Mexico was a much more romantic place than Paris, and she believed it.”

The couple decided to start a family.

Welcoming their children into the world marked a joyous chapter in Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton’s love story. The couple quietly expanded their family with the arrival of their son, Augustus Morgan, and later embraced the birth of their second child, daughter George Virginia.

Looking back on their experiences, Morgan shared, “I like the life that I’ve been able to build with Hilarie. She just likes the kind of person that I’ve become.” Morgan is convinced that Burton is drawn to his role as a father, affirming, “I think that she thinks I’m a good father. I think that’s probably what she would say is the sexiest thing about me.”

Jeffrey and Hilarie’s gray hair has been a topic of discussion amongst fans.

The couple’s choice to embrace their gray hair has captured the attention of their fans. For Burton, the decision to let her hair go gray was not only a personal preference but also a liberating experience. She explained, “I mean, look, I started doing TV literally the second I graduated from high school. I have given the entirety of my youth to other people. And there’s something really rewarding for me to just say, let my hair grow gray.”

In a society that often places a premium on eternal youth, the couple finds fulfillment in rejecting those conventional expectations. Burton states, “I think people put so much emphasis on staying young forever. But I have found so much more fulfillment and respect and success and happiness the second I was like, ‘I’m not going to play by those rules anymore.’ It feels good to kind of scoff in the face of that. And my husband’s a silver fox. No one ever questioned him going gray. So I do laugh at it anytime I see someone making a big deal out of it.”

The couple made the decision to purchase a ranch for their family.

The couple’s choice to acquire a ranch underscores their dedication to a purposeful and hands-on lifestyle. Discussing their parenting philosophy, Burton stressed, “There’s so much to get done, and I want them to be responsible.” This philosophy extends to their children’s active participation in the daily operations of the ranch, with the actress noting, “We put them to work, whether it’s building the garden...”

The family’s decision to relocate from Los Angeles to Mischief Farm was a purposeful choice aimed at enhancing their overall well-being. Morgan underscored their intent, expressing, “I think just getting out of Los Angeles for us, it was so needed, I think just for our well-being.” He added, “And we thought this kind of lifestyle was very conducive to raising a good kid.”

Yet another celebrity couple that chose to depart from acting for a farm life is the legendary Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. In an unexpected twist of fate, they courageously stepped away from the allure of Hollywood following financial challenges that resulted in significant losses.


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