17 People Who Are Guaranteed to Turn Heads Wherever They Go

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What makes us different is also what defines us and makes us irreplicable. And while we each have our own unique traits and personality characteristics, some people’s physical features are so one of a kind and rare that they leave no one indifferent. And just by looking at them, we’re reminded that genetics is a fascinating science and we still have a long way to go to fully explore it.

1. ’’My boss has 2 pinkies conjoined into one.’’

2. ’’I have a pear shaped pupil.’’

3. “Our baby came out with some hair”

4. ’’About 1 out every 1000 babies have this.’’

5. “I love the ‘pattern’ in my wife’s eyes!”

6. “Thank you for making me fall in love with my freckles. Have a good day please.”

7. “I was born with extremely crooked thumbs”

8. “I was born with bilateral coloboma also known as cat-eye syndrome. I know very little about it. I often wonder if my eyesight is affected by my misshapen pupils. I hate bright light and can see decently well in the dark.”

9. “My buddy and his co-worker at McDonalds”

10. “I was born with no joints in the middle of my fingers; I cannot make fists”

11. “My son’s ’jewel’ birthmark on his ring finger”

12. “My son’s nostrils are shaped like little hearts”

13. “Me, 6’3”, and my kindergarten teacher"

14. “My pupil is strangely shaped. Should I worry?”

15. “None of my fingers have a middle joint.”

16. “The joint of my right thumb never developed. I can’t bend it.”

17. ’’Two of my toes on both feet are stuck together.’’

Do you have any trait that you think makes you unique and special? We want to see your photos and read your stories in the comments!


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