Josh Duhamel Had to Wait Almost 50 Years to Meet His One and Only, Who Taught Him How to Smile and Be Truly Happy

No one knows for sure when and where he will meet his love. Actor Josh Duhamel was going through a difficult divorce with Fergie, and at times it seemed that he had forgotten how to smile. And then he met the one who could bring him back to life. By then, he was almost 50 years old.

Before her.

Before meeting Audra Duhamel was married for many years to a singer Fergie with whom they share a son. The lovers were different people. Josh was “very down to earth”, while his spouse was “in a totally different world.” The couple had been together since 2004, but failed to save the relationship. In 2019, it became known that they broke up definitively.

The actor experienced the breakup in a difficult way. His friends noted that Josh seemed ’gloomy’. He grew up in a big family and always dreamed of building his own. But with Fergie he was not destined to achieve this.

The one who can make him smile.


The former beauty pageant contestant and Life as We Know It star, first met in March 2019 and began dating in May of the same year. The couple’s connection was obvious from the get-go, with sightings of them kissing at airports and hitting up high-profile events hand-in-hand. Their chemistry was electric, and it seems like they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Near her, the actor, as if relearning to live. On every red carpet, the couple seemed to glow with happiness. The lovers laughed every minute next to each other.

A spontaneous big decision.

Josh surprised his then-girlfriend, Audra Mari, with a romantic proposal during their beach vacation, which he admitted was a spontaneous decision. “I just sort of decided last minute that was how I wanted to do it,” he said. “I didn’t have anything planned. I didn’t have a ring yet. I was like, ’Today’s the day.’ And that’s how it all kind of happened.”

Despite the lack of preparation, Duhamel made sure it was a memorable occasion for Mari by coordinating with the resort concierge to arrange a surprise. During a walk on the beach, a bottle with a note floated up to the shore. Inside was a heartfelt message from Duhamel that read, “Audra Diane Mari Will You Marry Me?” Overwhelmed with emotion, Mari said yes to the proposal, and the couple shared photos on social media with the caption “It’s on!!”


Josh gushed about his fiancée during an interview, revealing that he knew she was the one for him pretty early on. With a smile on his face, he admitted that Mari is an awesome girl. “We’re perfect for each other. She’s an amazing girl. She keeps me grounded. She keeps it real,” Duhamel added. “She’s perfect for me.”

He further explained that both of them are from North Dakota, and that’s where they share a commonality. “She’s great,” he said, highlighting how Mari’s personality and character have won his heart.

And she said to each other, “I do.”

Josh, 49, and Audra, 28, exchanged wedding vows on September 10th in their home state of North Dakota. The day was amazing according to the actor’s Instagram post, but it wasn’t without its hiccups. In an interview, Duhamel revealed that he ended up in the emergency room after injuring his back “pulling some wild moves on the party bus” the night before the wedding.

He explained that he tried to do some gymnastics moves while standing inside the bus and injured his back. Despite this setback, he was still able to walk down the aisle and joked that it was his favorite part of the wedding. “I know I’m a little older than her,” he teased, later adding, “This is not going to be a good look if I can’t walk down the aisle.”

Despite their significant age gap of 21 years, Josh Duhamel and Audra Mari’s love story is a beautiful reminder that age truly is just a number. The couple has found happiness together and isn’t afraid to show it, and as they continue to build a life together, it’s clear that their love knows no bounds.

This story is another proof that, for love, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you look like. Sometimes love doesn’t show up where and when you expect it to. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Preview photo credit FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP / East News, audramari / Instagram


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