Khloé Kardashian’s Ex Took Three Paternity Tests Because Their Son Looks Exactly Like Khloé’s Brother

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Khloé Kardashian shared that her youngest son resembles her brother Rob so much that both she and her ex, Tristan, became suspicious. The child's father took a paternity test three times to confirm that he is indeed the boy's parent.

Khloé explained on the SHE MD podcast, that Tatum’s uncanny resemblance to Rob in both looks and behavior sparked her concern. Since Tatum was born via surrogacy, Khloé wondered if there might have been a mix-up at the surrogacy agency. “My son looks just like my brother,” she said, revealing she even asked Rob if he had ever been involved in a fertility clinic mix-up.

Tristan was quite upset by the suggestion, Khloé recalled with a laugh, adding, “In this family, nothing would surprise me, but that would really be gross.” After which Tristan underwent three paternity tests.

Despite the challenges, including finding out during the surrogacy process that Tristan had secretly fathered another child, Khloé respects Tristan as a father. She believes he is wonderful with their kids, True, who is 5, and 21-month-old Tatum. "He made mistakes, but he's a great guy," Khloé noted. "We're not meant to be together, but he definitely was meant to be the father of my children."

Tristan, 33, also has two other sons: Prince, 7, with Jordan Craig, and Theo, 2, with Maralee Nichols. Khloé commented on his role as a father, saying, "I've seen some dads who aren't involved. I'm grateful that Tristan wants to be a part of their lives every day, even though he doesn't live with us full-time."

Regarding her personal life, 39-year-old Khloé is currently focused on raising her children and co-parenting with Tristan. She's open to dating again in the future but isn't rushing into anything. "I will be ready to date," she assured. "I just don't know if it's right now."

People on social media shared their opinions, stating that there's nothing unusual about Khloé's son resembling his uncle:

  • My son looks very similar to my half brother when he was a baby too. It’s called genetics. © Natasha Dejaney Ellis / Facebook
  • My daughter looks morphed quite a bit before settling in to her final face. She looked like my in-law’s son, her father, my father and then finally after all those face changes she looked exactly like me. It’s her third kid …shouldn’t she know this? © May Khaing / Facebook
  • It's also called genetics! My son looks like my brother when he was younger and he also has similarities to my half brother because we share some of the same genes! © Courtney Elizabeth / Facebook
  • One of my sons has a resemblance to my brother, because WE ARE RELATED! © Chris King / Facebook

The Kardashian-Jenner family isn't the only one attracting a lot of attention. Paris Hilton and her two children have also become a frequent topic of discussion.


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