King Charles Gave Lilibet a Gift That Only Emphasized His Attitude Toward Harry’s Family

3 weeks ago

According to insiders, King Charles wants to establish a relationship with his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet. For Lilibet’s third birthday, he sent a gift to America. However, some believe that this gift only highlighted the different treatment of Charles’s children compared to Harry’s children.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hosted a big birthday bash at their home in Montecito, California, inviting their close friends to celebrate the occasion. However, the ongoing feud with the Royal Family meant that no members of the British monarchy were on the guest list.

Despite this, King Charles made sure to mark his granddaughter's special day. Royal expert Tom Quinn revealed, "King Charles had no intention of completely ignoring Lilibet's birthday, so he has sent a gift along with a message."

According to Quinn, the monarch is holding back on an even more significant present until the family rift heals. "He gave Prince George a beautiful hand-made wooden swing with George's name carved on it, and he has plans to give something similar to Lilibet, but not this year. And not unless and until the family feud dies down," Quinn explained.

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The birthday party at the Sussexes' California mansion was a star-studded affair, with celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Oprah Winfrey reportedly attending. "Rather than go for a low-key celebration, Harry and Meghan spent the past weekend enjoying a pre-birthday bash for their daughter Lilibet’s third birthday. Hugely expensive presents have been ruled out, but the couple’s mansion in California was awash with celebrities," Quinn said.

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In a surprising move, Harry and Meghan did not extend invitations to any members of the Royal Family. "Shockingly, no invitations to Lilibet’s party were issued to members of the Royal Family," Quinn noted.

An old army friend of Harry's commented on the situation, saying, "Harry knew they wouldn’t come anyway, and he was pretty sure he would not have wanted them there. But he is really sad that Archie and Lilibet cannot have any kind of relationship with their cousins while his feud with his family continues."

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It is reported that King Charles wants to interact with his American grandchildren; he is not content with just video calls. The monarch still hopes that the wall between the feuding families will fall, and he will be able to spend time with Archie and Lilibet.

“He values family above everything,” the insider said. “And whatever the course of his relationship with his son, he would never be content with just seeing his grandchildren on the odd video call.”

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However, people believe it will be a real “circus” if Harry and Meghan decide to visit the UK. “One can only imagine the unholy circus,” one wrote. “If they brought the grandkids here to see the King, would Meghan have her Netflix crew in tow filming every moment?”

Another added: “Would she bring Grandpa Charles her new homemade jams she’s flogging, then post the pictures on Instagram? Would details of the time they and their children spent with the King be sold off to the highest bidder?”

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle continues to attract a lot of attention. Her recent appearance sparked a wave of negativity once again, as people considered her outfit to be too revealing.

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