Why Tom Cruise Doesn’t Communicate With His Daughter Suri and Has Not Seen Her Since 2012

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced a long time ago, but they have a common daughter, Suri. Many are interested in the relationship between father and daughter, as Suri is often seen with her mother, but the last time she was seen with Tom was in 2012, 12 years ago. We decided to explore the relationship between the globally renowned actor and his only biological daughter.

Katie Holmes shocked Cruise with the divorce.

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Tom Cruise has three kids. He shares his only son, Connor Cruise, and his eldest daughter, Isabella ’Bella’ Cruise, with his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman. They adopted Bella and Connor when they were married. The actor has one biological child: his daughter Suri, whom he shares with his other ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

Holmes went through a lot to end her marriage to Cruise, even using secret phones and having private meetings with her lawyers. She surprised him with the divorce. He later admitted that Holmes left «to protect Suri» from certain beliefs.

Isabella Cruise

These beliefs are what complicated the relationship between Nicole Kidman and her children from Cruise. It is reported that the children share their father’s position, which has led to rather cool relations with their mother. Kidman commented on this as follows, «They are adults. They are able to make their own decisions.»

Their daughter got married in 2015 without inviting either her father or mother to the wedding. And their son got married in 2019. It is reported that the father was at the wedding, but the mother did not receive an invitation."

Connor Cruise

Tom Cruise wasn’t prohibited from seeing Suri, but he and Katie have a complicated relationship.

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In 2013, Cruise openly discussed the situation with his legal team. He mentioned when circumstances change due to divorce, things aren’t always ideal. News came out that 17-year-old Suri is starting to apply for college, but Cruise won’t have a say in where she goes.

By March 2023, an anonymous source disclosed that Cruise has minimal involvement in his daughter Suri’s life. The source hinted that the actor’s beliefs might be a factor contributing to their distant relationship but still, if he desired, he could maintain contact with her.

«Even people in prison have a right to see their children. This is his loss, his issue, his problem.»


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finalized their divorce agreement in just 11 days. Contrary to expectations, Cruise did not gain custody of their daughter, Suri Cruise, during the negotiations. Instead, he was granted visitation rights only. Cruise has the option to visit Suri for up to 10 days each month.

Tom Cruise loves Suri.


According to information shared with Hollywood Life in April 2019, despite their distant relationship, Tom continues to hold affection for Suri. The insider explained that despite the difficulties they’ve faced, Tom’s love for his daughter remains unchanged. They added that Tom never planned for this estrangement when he started a family with Katie. He hopes to mend their relationship in the future.

Still, the non-maintained relationship between Katie and Cruise remains the main problem of why Suri is disconnected from her father.

Tom Cruise covers expenses for Suri.

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By 2023, Suri had submitted applications to various schools. Katie strongly preferred that she remain in New York to maintain their proximity. While Katie deeply cherishes her daughter, she tends to be overly cautious.

The source also noted that although Tom wasn’t involved in Suri’s college decision, he would cover her tuition fees as agreed upon in his confidential divorce agreement with Holmes.

Celebrity divorces are always widely discussed, especially when the couple has children together. Recently, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorced, and here is the real reason behind their split.

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