People Deemed Meghan Markle’s Dress Totally Inappropriate, Saying It Was “Disrespectful Showing So Much Skin”

3 weeks ago

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently in Nigeria on a visit. The Duchess of Sussex has made several official outings, each of which is being discussed online. And many have found her outfits inappropriate.

Sunday Alamba/Associated Press/East News

In a touching address at the women in leadership summit, she expressed gratitude for the warm welcome she and Prince Harry received, referring to Nigeria as “my country.” This sentiment of belonging was underscored by Meghan’s recent revelation that she is 43% Nigerian, a discovery that has deepened her understanding of her own heritage and identity.

Dressed in a vibrant red dress, Meghan captivated the audience with her words, expressing her honor and inspiration at being among Nigerian women. Reflecting on her African-American background, she highlighted the importance of knowing one’s roots and the profound impact it can have on one’s sense of self.

Sunday Alamba/Associated Press/East News

Her message of empowerment and representation struck a chord with attendees, as she urged successful women to return to their roots and serve as role models for future generations. Meghan emphasized the need for young girls to see themselves reflected in positions of power and influence, advocating for a shift in societal norms that often marginalize women of color.


Beyond her words, Meghan’s actions spoke volumes as she engaged with Nigerian culture and embraced the warmth of its people. From attending a lunch with the Nigerian defense minister to participating in a sitting volleyball exhibition match, she immersed herself in the rich tapestry of Nigerian life.

At the luncheon, Meghan exuded elegance in a shoulderless St Agni full-length white dress. Her entrance into the officers’ mess prompted gasps of admiration, with her radiant presence illuminating the room. Alongside her, Prince Harry, donning a cream linen suit and charmed guests.


But another action also made the headlines: her fashion choices. People commented how the dress was a bad idea, saying, “Wearing a strapless, white long gown for a luncheon, which was also sheer enough on the bottom, would have been better suited for an evening event.” Being agreed by other commenters, “Too much skin! It’s not an evening event.”

One commenter wrote, “Rather disrespectful showing so much skin.” Another added, “If everyone else has their shoulders covered, you can do it too.” Someone noticed, “Her clothes were inappropriate and disrespectful in a country where women dress modestly.” All her outfits, without exception, are either creased or ill-fitting, with telltale signs of her underwear."

Sunday Alamba/Associated Press/East News

Some judge Meghan and compare her to Kate Middleton, who always dresses modestly. Others are defending Meghan because now she does not represent the royal family and is free to dress as she pleases, “Since it was not a royal visit she could wear what she wanted. No one from the palace was involved, and they financed their trip themselves.”

It wasn’t long before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were already hitting the tabloids. Then Meghan kissed Harry’s friend, to which he reacted emotionally.

Preview photo credit Sunday Alamba/Associated Press/East News


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