My Husband Claims My Clothes Are Too Revealing for His Mom, Asks Me to Dress Appropriately

4 months ago

It’s not rare for young people to have disagreements with their parents regarding their appearance. But what if it’s your in-laws expressing dissatisfaction with how you look? Should you alter yourself to meet their expectations, or should you remain authentic to your true self? This predicament is currently faced by one of our readers, and today we’ll delve deeper into this issue.

I don't think your mother-in-law should have anything to say about what you wear, especially in your own house. If she doesn't like it she should stay home & not tell her son to stick her nose in your business. That only causes animosity. I am 79 years old & wouldn't dream of making any remarks to my son about his wife. I could care less what she wears, it isn't any of my business



Megan, we appreciate you opening up about your concerns! Following a thorough assessment of your situation, Now I’ve Seen Everything has crafted some recommendations for you.

  • It’s crucial to acknowledge that our parents and grandparents hail from a different era, accustomed to a lifestyle distinct from our contemporary norms. Just as we might scrutinize aspects of their past, they may harbor questions about our present-day way of life. The key lies in comprehending their perspective and identifying common ground.
  • Comfort levels with wearing revealing clothes vary, and that’s perfectly acceptable. It transcends age, encompassing the values and mindset ingrained in us. While some individuals embrace it, others lean towards more modest attire, reflecting the diversity of preferences shaped by our upbringing.
  • Your mother-in-law is only staying with you for a short period, and your husband wishes to ensure she enjoys her time, despite not having the same amenities as back home. Take a moment to empathize with his perspective. If your own mother were visiting and facing any concerns, wouldn’t you appreciate your husband making an effort to accommodate her? The focus here is on creating a comfortable environment for everyone during their stay.
  • Consider having a nice chat with your mother-in-law about this. Let her know that you care about her feelings and want to understand her perspective. At the same time, share your thoughts respectfully. A friendly conversation might help her see things from your point of view, and you might find a middle ground or at least ensure she knows you mean well and doesn’t want to upset her.
  • Why not attempt to strengthen your bond with her and create enjoyable moments together? While you’re already doing a commendable job ensuring her comfort with food and space, taking the extra step to spend quality time might enhance the overall experience. Despite any initial differences, engaging in activities together could reveal shared interests, fostering a more enjoyable companionship.
  • Consider the emotional aspect for your husband in this situation; it’s not solely about his mom but also about the dynamics of your relationship with him. Since she is a part of his family, this matter carries significance for him. Reflect on your willingness to make compromises for the sake of love, understanding that similar situations may arise in the future.

Dealing with in-laws can be tricky. Check out our other article where we share the story of a woman whose husband suggested taking his mother on their honeymoon.

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