Social Media Star With World’s Largest Lips Aspires to Enlarge Them Further

5 months ago

Andrea Ivanova, who gained worldwide recognition for her record-breaking lip enhancements, has set her sights on achieving the world’s largest cheekbones, accompanied by even fuller lips. She initiated her transformative journey in 2018 with the goal of resembling a Bratz doll. Along the way, she has also undergone further surgeries, including the addition of jaw and chin fillers.

Andrea believes that her current lips are “not enough”.

The social media influencer Andrea Ivanova, who initiated her transformation journey in 2018, aims to establish a fresh record with her finely sculpted facial features and wishes for her lips to appear “even larger.”

Andrea has already undergone a substantial amount of filler injections, but she isn’t done yet. Despite previous mentions of certain clinics refusing to administer additional lip fillers due to potential health concerns, her determination remains unwavering.

“I still want bigger lips, and I will continue with more injections to make them even bigger,” Andrea had expressed earlier. “My lips are still not big enough, and I want them much bigger than now. Every month, I will get more filler, but I can’t even count how much money I’ve spent in total.”

She also has intentions to attain the world’s largest cheekbones.

In addition to her lip enhancements, Andrea has now shifted her focus towards achieving the world’s most prominent cheekbones. The 25-year-old, who strongly resembles a Bratz doll, proclaimed, “I don’t like boring ordinary appearances, and I am a fan of huge shapes and eccentric beauties.”

Andrea has already spent over $1,900 on her journey to attain more prominent cheekbones, and she is not done yet. “I’ve had four hyaluronic acid injections in my cheekbones so far, but I will undergo two more within the week,” Andrea explained. “For the healing process, I need to avoid strong pressure on the face for up to three days afterward.”

She also revealed that numerous clinics have refused to perform the cheekbone procedure again due to concerns about potential life-threatening risks associated with further injections.

Andrea doesn’t pay attention to negative comments.

According to Ivanova, who claims to have undergone more than 43 procedures, she has dedicated over $18,000 to her mission to “enhance” her appearance, with lip injections alone comprising over $9,000 of that total.

Ivanova admitted that she has faced her fair share of negative comments throughout her journey.

“I don’t worry about people’s comments, as I have my own taste and views on beauty — I follow them strictly. Each person should satisfy themselves without fearing or worrying about the opinion of others because the meaning of life is to be happy,” she stated.

Despite the allure of lip fillers, women should exercise caution when using them. Another young woman had to face her worst nightmare when a routine lip filler procedure went terribly awry, resulting in overly enlarged lips. Now, she has a vital message for anyone contemplating lip augmentation.


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