My Husband Refused to Be in an Open Marriage and Freaked Out Once I Started Dating

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The decision to have an open marriage should always be mutual. However, it appears that our reader’s relationship lacked equality. While her husband freely dates other women, the moment she began dating as well, he promptly altered the rules. What’s more, he never played fair from the beginning.

One of our readers shared her story with us.

We appreciate you getting in touch with us! Your frustration is acknowledged, and we’re prepared to assist you.

Get a divorce.

It’s evident that your husband might be using the concept of an “open marriage” as a pretext to “legally” date other women. Otherwise, he would likely have accepted the fact that you found a partner. It seems he’s not prioritizing your needs and may have broken promises.

It’s crucial to reflect on whether you genuinely want to spend your life with someone who doesn’t seem committed or loyal to you. Making decisions about your relationship may require careful consideration and possibly seeking guidance from professionals or trusted individuals.

Prioritize your own needs and principles.

Pause and reflect on your individual needs and priorities within the relationship. Assess whether the concept of an open marriage aligns with your values and if you feel genuinely respected and valued by your husband. It’s perfectly acceptable to prioritize your own well-being. If the idea of an open marriage no longer resonates with you or if trust has been compromised, contemplate seeking a partner who shares similar values.

Take care of yourself.

After a year of dedicated hard work, it’s evident that you deserve a break. Take care of yourself amidst these challenges. Prioritize your well-being, indulge in your hobbies, and explore interests outside of the relationship. If feasible, consider going on a vacation or spending time with friends to rejuvenate.

Remember that you deserve to be treated with respect and honesty. You shouldn’t tolerate such treatment from your husband. Perhaps you’ll find someone who values you more while you’re taking a break.

Talk to your friends and family.

If uncertainty persists regarding your feelings, consider confiding in your close friends or family. Share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the situation with them. They may offer insights or advice based on their experiences, or simply lend a supportive ear without judgment. If your emotions feel too intricate and overwhelming, contemplate seeking professional guidance from a therapist or counselor to navigate through them.

Open marriage can be challenging and may lead to numerous arguments in a relationship if not approached carefully. In this article, our reader confesses that he accidentally cheated on his wife, and her “revenge” left him deeply shocked.


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