Woman Spent Millions to Become Barbie-like, But Prepare for Your Jaw to Drop When You See Her “Ken”

9 months ago

Meet Nikki Exotika, a vivacious 40-year-old transgender woman hailing from the United States. Throughout her journey, she has undergone an incredible series of plastic surgeries, investing significantly in achieving her desired appearance. With great pride, she showcases her remarkable transformation and repeatedly expresses her newfound sense of absolute happiness.

Nikki says it costs a lot to look this good.

Over the past two decades, Nikki Exotika has undergone numerous procedures to emulate the appearance of a Barbie doll. Her transformation journey includes breast enhancements, nose jobs, tucks, lifts, and even undergoing voice therapy.

During her interview, Nikki reveals, “I’ve spent more than a million dollars to transform my body into plastic perfection.” She explains that her decision to pursue the Barbie look stems from her childhood obsession with the iconic doll, making this transformation a deeply personal choice for her.

Nikki encounters a wide range of reactions from those who learn about her extraordinary journey.

“A lot of people are going to be like, ’What makes her special? What makes her the most expensive doll? Oh, so she’s spent a million on her face and body?’” Nikki candidly shares. “Well, it’s a lot more than that,” she adds.

She faced a challenging journey during her transition.

From as early as the age of 2, Nikki recognized that she was distinct from those around her, as she exhibited a fascination with makeup and nail polish, setting her apart from her peers.

The blonde bombshell’s fascination with Barbie and admiration for pop stars like Madonna went hand in hand with a deep-seated feeling that she was born in the wrong body.

“I started realizing when I was little that there was definitely something wrong with me. When I was a boy I would steal my cousin’s Barbie dolls all the time. My mother would find them under my bed,” she shared.

Transitioning proved to be a challenging journey for her, and she had to wait until after high school to embark on it. Along the way, she faced hurtful comments and negativity from others. However, the moment she finally transitioned brought an overwhelming sense of liberation.

“It was hard transitioning, I had to wait until I finished high school. I had a lot of people saying mean things to me. When I transitioned it was the best feeling ever, it felt exhilarating just knowing that I had taken my hour back after being called ugly and your this your that, I finally found my identity,” she expressed with genuine happiness.

Nikki now finds herself amidst outstanding individuals.

On her Instagram feed, Nikki frequently shares photos of herself alongside another star, Justin Jedlica, famously known as “the human Ken doll.” Their bond appears exceptionally close, with Justin having undergone more than one hundred cosmetic procedures to emulate the appearance of Ken.

With great affection, Nikki fondly refers to her soulmate as her “plastic brother,” and it’s evident that the duo thoroughly relishes their extraordinary transformations.

Nikki Exotica isn’t the only woman who has spent a fortune to become Barbie-like. Dalia Naeem from Baghdad has undergone more than 43 plastic surgeries and other procedures to resemble the iconic doll, though some people now call her a zombie.


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