My Tinder Match Blocked Me Once He Saw My Real Skin

6 months ago

Daisy Malin, aged 27, has been dealing with eczema for twenty years. Her self-esteem suffered a blow recently when a man she was conversing with online blocked her after learning about her skin condition.

Ceasing her eczema treatment, Daisy encountered an aesthetic issue.

Daisy Malin, at the age of 27, received a diagnosis of mild eczema in her toddler years, prompting doctors to prescribe various creams. As her dependence on progressively stronger doses increased, Daisy made the decision to halt the treatment. This choice led to a withdrawal phase, reaching a point where the young woman found it challenging to recognize herself.

In her own words, Daisy explains, “At the start...I couldn’t even look in the mirror. I had to cover them all with blankets, as I felt like I lost the person looking back at me, and I hated what was looking back.”

She went to the extent of refusing to leave the house.

The skin problem worsened, and Daisy struggled to muster the inner strength to step outside. She shared, “People often asked me what was wrong, if I was sunburnt or if it was contagious. So I eventually stopped leaving my flat and began to isolate myself. People would just stare at me.”

Nevertheless, despite the judgment she faced, Daisy’s skin is gradually improving, and she has found a new platform by sharing her journey on Instagram.

Daisy’s online date blocked her after seeing her skin.

After discovering her most effective treatment, Daisy summoned the courage to venture into dating using specialized apps. Unfortunately, her endeavor took a disheartening turn when a man from Tinder turned away after she shared a link to her Instagram page, where she openly discusses her skin condition.

Recalling the incident, Daisy said, “Before I went on a date, I sent him my profile and about 20 minutes later he blocked and unmatched me. If he met me in real life, he would’ve been able to meet my personality and learn that my skin doesn’t define who I am. It’s just one of those things, but dating has affected me the most, for sure.”

Against all odds, she succeeded in finding a loving partner.

Initially feeling lost and vulnerable, Daisy found it challenging to express her emotions without becoming upset.

However, after a series of disappointing dates, Daisy met Alexander, and everything took a positive turn. Despite her ongoing struggles with eczema, their relationship brought a sense of normalcy to Daisy’s life. Alexander’s unwavering support during her flare-ups revealed a new level of care and understanding.

Now, Daisy perceives her skin condition as just a small part of who she is, embracing body positivity. To her, body acceptance involves finding happiness within oneself, regardless of others’ opinions. She firmly believes that being content with oneself is what truly matters.

Skin conditions should not be a reason for people to conceal themselves. In our other article, we shared the story of a person with a rare skin disease — a baby boy whose ailment once puzzled doctors. However, he is now an adult and is relishing life to the fullest.


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