Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Daughters Made Their Red Carpet Debut and Left Everyone in Awe

3 weeks ago

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are regulars on the red carpet. However, their children have always stayed away from the cameras. Recently, the teenage daughters made their debut on the red carpet to support their mother.

Debut on the red carpet.

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been happily together for many years. They often appear as a couple on the red carpet and are not shy about showing their feelings for each other. However, they try to keep their private life away from the public eye and shield their children from excessive media attention.

15-year-old Sunday Urban and 13-year-old Faith Urban had never appeared with their parents on the red carpet before. The first official appearance of the Urban-Kidman family took place at the AFI Life Achievement Award gala concert. The girls came to support their mother, who was being awarded by Meryl Streep for her achievements in cinema.

“There’s an enormous amount of luck in my life, but there’s also the most important thing — love, big, big love. Right there is the love of my life and the loves of my life. My daughters have never been anywhere publicly with me on a red carpet, tonight was their first night, so they’re here, Sunday and Faith,” Kidman said.

For Nicole, family is the main value.

Nicole Kidman has long desired a large family. In an interview, the actress discloses her sole regret in her life: not having more children.

In addition to Faith and Sunday, she also has two adult children, Connor and Bella, from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise.

Expressing her desire for more children, Kidman mentions, “I wish I’d had more children, but I wasn’t given that choice,” hinting at her challenges with fertility. “I would’ve loved 10 kids.”

In 2018, Kidman spoke openly about experiencing two miscarriages during her marriage to Cruise. She shared that these losses brought her “massive grief.”

Expressing the emotional impact, she stated, “There’s a huge, aching yearning. I know the yearning. And the loss! The loss of a miscarriage is not talked about enough.”

After suffering miscarriages, Kidman and Cruise chose to adopt their children. Following her marriage to Urban, she gave birth to her eldest daughter and later expanded her family by welcoming her youngest child through surrogacy.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas also became parents through surrogacy. This led to accusations against the actress, but she stood her ground against the critics.

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