10+ People Whose Good Deeds Can Make a Small Difference in the World

2 years ago

Probably all of us at some point have needed help, someone to lend us a hand to get out of some problem or to illuminate our way a little. There are many people who would not hesitate for a second to help someone in need. And sometimes, without them doing it with the intention of receiving something in return, the universe rewards them for their big heart.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we believe that good deeds can make a small difference in the world, and that’s why we want to share these stories with you.

  • Where I live, students have a card that makes them pay half of the price on a bus ride. I was coming back from school and the machine that takes care of recognizing the photo in the card and the person on the bus said it couldn’t recognize me in the photo of the card, claiming that I was using somebody else’s card. This happened because the photo on the card was too old, so the machine couldn’t identify me. I didn’t have any money with me, so I was prepared to get out of the bus and have a 2-hour walk home. When suddenly a stranger comes up and pay the ride for me, the full price. I thanked him a lot, but never saw him again. © Ornitorrincosraposas / Reddit
  • A long time ago I found a phone, called the number listed as “mom” and returned it to the owners. I refused to take money. At the time my husband said I was the only one who did that, and I replied that good deeds always come back. A few years later, my husband forgot his phone on a park bench, but a kind person returned it to him and refused to take money. Then my husband admitted he was wrong. © Katya / Genial.guru
  • I once helped a stranger on a wheelchair to get downstairs where there was no ramp so he had to be lifted along with the wheelchair and he was being assisted by only one person so I helped him get down. As I was leaving the guy in the wheelchair asked me my name and where I was from (I was in a foreign country). I told him I’m wildcard5 and I’m from Pakistan. He asked me to join him in a restaurant across the road for lunch. I was reluctant at first but agreed. Once we had ordered food he told me that this is his restaurant and I can have a meal anytime I want on the house. I told him I’ll accept his offer at only one condition and that is, instead of me coming and eating at his restaurant he should invite one random beggar off the street whenever he remembers what I did for him. © wildcard5 / Reddit
  • Year 2014. I was traveling on a long distance bus. Next to me sat a guy who was typing something on his laptop late into the night. In the morning they announced his stop, the boy jumped out of his seat and ran off. I saw that he had forgotten his laptop and asked the driver to wait, but the bus had already started. At the next stop, I went to the carrier’s office, got the manager to call the boy and waited 20 minutes to make sure he got his device. The kid was very grateful to me, because on that laptop was his thesis.
    Year 2018. I was going to board at an airport, when suddenly an employee came up to me and asked me to show him my laptop. I opened my backpack and it was empty! It turned out that the guards saw on the cameras that I had forgotten my laptop during the security check, and for an hour and a half they were looking all over the building for me. The flight was delayed for 20 minutes so I could run to the security office. On that laptop was my PhD thesis. © Aparna Vicky / Quora
  • In high school, almost everyone had a guitar but me. For Christmas, my sister gave me her old cheap guitar, which she loved dearly. Six months later, she was walking down the street and accidentally ran into a guy who was loading stuff into the car. He was moving and was only taking what he could fit in his little sports car. The case with the guitar didn’t fit and the guy gave it to my sister, who was passing by. Once home, she saw that it was a fancy $4000 USD Martin Classical. © Ann Patrick / Quora

  • I was in a supermarket and there were two children nearby. The younger one was asking for ice cream, the older one replied, “I can’t, you’ve already taken the chocolate bar, I don’t have any more money.” The boys were poorly dressed, thin. I couldn’t stand it and said, “Here’s an ice cream for you and your brother, and let’s go to the cashier.” On the way we also took a soft drink. The little one was happy; the older one, without looking up, said, “Thank you.” I went out pleased and suddenly saw on the asphalt a large gold earring with amethyst. I had never found anything in my life, but only then and all of a sudden... © Irina Madenova / Facebook

  • At 21 I had no money and was living at a friend’s house. I got a job in a seedy cafe, but soon quit and was left with $100 in my pocket. At that time, my friend’s boyfriend got sick. We were all friends and we were all poor, and I bought him $80 worth of medicine. With the rest I put gas in the car and for some reason bought 2 lottery tickets. 15 minutes after giving the last of what I had to a friend, I became $500 richer. © Kyle Burton / Quora
  • When I was still pretty new to trucking I hit a traffic light with my trailer when making a turn. A lady stopped her car to get my attention and help me to not panic about it. But she couldn’t stay because her daughter was in labour and they were on their way to the hospital. The fact that she stopped at all to help me in that situation was the absolute kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. © guanocray / Reddit
  • My wife (then girlfriend) and I were struggling hard and were both college students. We were counting change to put gas in the car at a gas station when a guy approaches us and says, “God loves you, and I feel like He wants me to give you this.” It was an envelope with $67. That may not seem like a lot, but to us, it was. My wife actually cried... © DrOculus90 / Reddit
  • About 10 years ago, my dad found a wallet and inside was a large amount of money and a receipt for a phone bill. I called the number and the son of the woman who had lost her wallet answered. My dad gave him the address and the son drove the lady over. He offered us money, but we declined. A few years later, my dad went to a store and bought more than he could carry. He was no longer walking well then and fell halfway home. He tried to get up, but the cane had flown too far and people just walked by without stopping. Suddenly, a man ran up to him, handed him the cane, helped him up and sat my dad in the car. When my dad pointed out where he could drop him off, it turned out he was the son of the woman with the wallet. He recognized our house. © Hishniy Zaiz / Genial.guru

  • A girl came up to me at the train station when a man was harassing me for my number/wouldn’t leave me alone/generally being very creepy and asking what train I was taking and said “Oh, my God Sarah, it’s been so long! So good to see you! Come over and say hi to me and Jake!” I’d never met her before, but I was eternally grateful she saved me from a potentially very dangerous situation. © emmareddit / Reddit

Have you done a kind deed like the ones you read about here? Have you received help from someone when you needed it? We’d love to hear your stories!

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