Nurse, Being Plus-Size, First in History Got the Title “Miss Universe Nepal 2023”

8 months ago

Beauty pageants are events where people compete to be the most beautiful. This year, Miss Universe Nepal was won by Jane Dipika Garrett, who made history as the first plus-size winner, breaking the usual beauty standards.

She is a body positivity advocate.

Jane Dipika Garrett was among contestants who competed in the Miss Universe Nepal. She is a dedicated body positivity advocate who constantly raises awareness for mental health among women on her social media platforms. Her win marks the first time a plus-size contestant has won in a national pageant.

In her Instagram profile description Jane emphasizes “Embracing Body Positivity”. In one of her posts she wrote: “Embrace them curves. Time to show the world what real size beauty looks like! Time for the world to wake up and see all shapes and sizes.”

Her mission is to represent curvy women.

“As a woman who is curvy and who does not meet certain beauty standards, I’m here to represent women who are curvy, who struggle with weight gain, who struggle with hormonal issues,” said Jane. “Every woman possesses innate and unique beauty.” Her story is an inspiration for us all to embrace our true selves!

It’s crucial to embrace and appreciate the beauty of all women, regardless of their size, age, or appearance. Every woman is unique, and true beauty comes in diverse forms. By recognizing and celebrating this diversity, we promote a more inclusive and empowering society that values and respects women for who they are, beyond superficial standards.


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