People Say the Wife Is Too Hot for Her “Ugly” Husband. But This Couple Has Something To Say in Response

2 months ago

Love is a beautiful feeling that is not afraid of challenges, whether it’s illnesses or societal condemnation. This couple got married and has been sharing their life on social media for several years, but people continue to insist that their feelings are not genuine.

For Scotts, it was a boring life before Divine.

Their story began in 2017 with a simple Facebook message sent in error. Divine, originally from the Philippines, mistook Scott for someone else, but little did they know that this lucky mistake would change their lives forever. Despite living miles apart, their connection grew stronger, blossoming into a beautiful long-distance relationship that defied all odds.

Scott, battling the relentless challenges of scleroderma since the tender age of 13, had spent most of his life confined by the limitations of his illness. But something extraordinary happened when he met Divine. Her presence in his life became a beacon of hope, igniting a fire within him to break free from the shackles of his condition. Determined to experience the joys of normal life, Scott defied his doctors’ expectations and embarked on a journey that would transcend geographical boundaries.

The couple’s love knew no bounds as Scott made six incredible trips to the Philippines, defying medical odds and leaving his doubters astounded. With each visit, their bond deepened, and Scott’s family witnessed a remarkable transformation in him. Divine’s unwavering love and support breathed new life into Scott, infusing him with the confidence and radiance he had long yearned for.

Conquering the long-distance challenge, the backlash on social media became trivial.

Yet, even as they celebrated their love on TikTok, the couple faced a barrage of skepticism and misunderstanding. Haters couldn’t fathom the profound connection they shared, and accusations of ulterior motives tarnished the purity of their relationship. But Scott and Divine, undeterred by the noise, responded with grace and humor. Laughing off the allegations, they knew their love had weathered too many storms to be reduced to material gain or superficial beauty.

In a TikTok video, Scott and Divine boldly confronted a comment questioning Scott’s looks. With unwavering devotion, Divine held her husband’s face, caressed his cheek, and planted a passionate kiss on his cheek, defying anyone to doubt the magnetic attraction they felt for each other. “Yeah, what are you talking about, guys? My husband is very, very handsome,” said Divine.

Malicious commentators claimed that Divine is too “hot” for her husband. Another wrote that “she’s just here for her green card”. Someone else commented, addressing Scott, “You’re just lucky you even pulled her.”

Divine is regularly accused of marrying for benefits; someone even advised her to find a job and stop living off her husband’s money. Another wrote, “Girl, don’t you think you could do a [little better? Never mind],” Smith replied, “Yeah, that’s right. You better say never mind because I belong in her life just as much as she belongs in mine. You can’t tell me otherwise.”

In addition to hate, the couple also receives numerous positive comments from followers who support their marriage. One person wrote, “You guys are an adorable couple.”

The couple offered heartfelt advice to those in long-distance relationships.

Reflecting on their extraordinary journey, Scott and Divine offer a poignant message to others navigating the trials of long-distance relationships. They emphasize the importance of patience and unwavering commitment, regardless of the distance or time difference.

“The only thing I can recommend is just to have patience because long-distance is hard, and you’re always going to make sacrifices to be in their life no matter how far away or what time it is,” opens up Scott. “Trust the process,” adds Divine.

We hope that Scott and Divine’s relationship will always remain as beautiful as it is now. We believe in the sincerity of their feelings. However, similar couples often face condemnation and angry comments.


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