Reese Witherspoon and Look-Alike Daughter Ava Could Be Mistaken for Sisters

10 months ago

Reese Witherspoon is back at stunning the world with her and her daughter Ava’s uncanny similarity. The two went out together and the photos the actress shared on her Instagram of the outing quickly went viral.

The famous mom-daughter duo coordinated outfits.

Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava, who are often mistaken for sisters rather than a mother-daughter duo, turned heads with their striking resemblance again recently at the green carpet at Oceana’s annual Sea Change summer party. The 47-year-old Oscar winner has embraced her new single status and exuded elegance in a sophisticated strapless dress, pale green in color, accentuated by subtle ruching along one side.

Following her mother’s sense of style, Ava dressed herself in a well-coordinated outfit that featured a strapless ruched white top paired with wide-leg pleated pants. Even her flowing blonde locks mirrored Reese’s choice, fashioned in loose waves that effortlessly complemented her features. And the photos shared on Instagram by Reese leave no doubts of how close the two are.

Reese doesn’t think she resembles her daughter.

In an interview, in October, 2022, Reese surprised everyone by revealing she can’t see much resemblance between her and her daughter Ava, whom she gave birth to when she was 23 years old. During the chat, the actress showed the hosts a photo of her and Ava, to which someone exclaimed: “Wait, y’all are twins!”

Although everyone seems to say so as well, especially online, Reese was quick to say otherwise. “She and I don’t see it that much,” Witherspoon said.

What do you think?

Reese and Ava aren’t the only celebrity parent-child duo who are known for their strong resemblance. Jon Bon Jovi’s son and Danny DeVito’s daughter also belong to the list of celebrity kids that are the spitting image of their famous parents.

Preview photo credit reesewitherspoon / Instagram


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