Selena Gomez Celebrates Her 31st Birthday With A-List Friends, and a “Barbie” Screening

8 months ago

Selena Gomez embraced a stylish celebration for her birthday! The star of Only Murders in the Building commemorated her 31st birthday with a grand party surrounded by friends, including famous ones. Giving her fans a glimpse into the festivities, she posted online a collection of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the event.

The star-studded bash included guests like Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera.

The carousel of photos Gomez shared on her Instagram was simply captioned “31,” but it gave an extended insight into the private celebration. The first image showed the captivating birthday ensemble of the multi-talented actress and singer, who went for a chic strapless red mini dress, embellished with intricate floral appliqué that effortlessly adorned her figure.

The other snapshots captured Gomez joyfully dancing and striking poses alongside her party guests, a list that included names such as Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera and Karol G, and blowing out the candles of a spectacular giant birthday cake, illuminated with sparkling sparklers.

After the party, Gomez enjoyed a private screening of the movie Barbie.

After her fabulous birthday bash, the actress enjoyed a special Barbie movie viewing with her close friends and adorable little sister, Gracie, with whom she has been spending quality time with. For this occasion, Selena effortlessly pulled off an all-pink ensemble, adorned with a chic feather trim, and playfully topped it off with a vibrant pink cowboy hat.

Following the movie screening, the group had a cozy and private dinner, moments of which Gomez shared through her Instagram story. In one of the snapshots, she could be seen wearing a striking bright pink dress, perfectly complemented by matching lipstick, embracing the spirit of the movie with infectious delight.

Plenty of celebrities are celebrating major milestone birthdays in 2023. Robert DeNiro will soon turn 80 and Friends-star Lisa Kudrow recently surprised us after we realized how old she is. She definitely doesn’t look her age!

Preview photo credit selenagomez / Instagram


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