The Star of Baywatch Donna D’Errico, 55, Doesn’t Intend to Age. She Shared the Secret of Eternal Youth

4 months ago

Donna D’Errico gained fame in the 1990s when she dazzled in a red swimsuit on the TV show Baywatch. A quarter of a century has passed, but this 55-year-old beauty shows no signs of aging. She hasn’t changed a bit and recently recreated her iconic look, captivating her fans once again.

Donna’s career has always been related to beauty in all forms.

Donna’s debut in cinema was when she had a starring role on the television series Baywatch. She appeared on the show from 1996 to 1998 and her character’s name was Donna Marco. For a time, she owned a day spa in California and even had a limousine company in Las Vegas. This way or that, beauty has always surrounded this incredible actress.

Being in the spotlight, D’Errico survived a real fall in mid-2012, when she climbed Mount Ararat and suffered injuries from a fall near the end of the climb. But even this did not stop her from continuing her career.

The actress has an outstanding opinion on beauty.

The actress really loves everyone’s comments about her youthful looks. But she confessed that sometimes it can be reductive. She is famous for her brave statements against ageism in any of its forms. “It doesn’t feel nice to hear somebody say, ’You look great for your age’ or ’You still look amazing,’” says Donna in her interview. “Why not just say, ’Wow, you look amazing,’ and just move on?”

Donna sincerely thinks that beauty doesn’t have anything to do with age or any other stereotypes. She says, “I think critiquing women based on their age is unfair. Men don’t face the same scrutiny, and I don’t think they would like that either. But I know it’s not going to go away because it’s part of our culture.”

Donna bravely responds to all naysayers on her Instagram.

Summer is meant for sun, sand, and swimsuits. However, Donna once got a lot of criticism after donning a swimwear look for the 4th of July.

Some people commented she was “too old” to be rocking a bikini. And Donna brilliantly responded to them with another bikini photo and a powerful caption. She wrote, “Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can actually wear and do literally whatever I want. On that note, here is me in a bikini squatting on a coffee table.”

The actress shared the secret to her youthful glow in an interview.

While being asked about special tricks that she uses to stay young, Donna mentions her special diet. She went vegan and admitted the effects of clearer skin, better digestion, and better sleep. She also says she “stopped baking in the sun.” She used to love tanning, but now she lets herself get a little pale, and instead of sun tanning she now uses a self-tanner or a tinted moisturizer.

Donna is sure that there’s no magic cosmetic product that’ll fix everything. When it comes to self-care products, she is very scrupulous. “I read up on everything I can because everyone swears that the next new thing works. I think we’re all guilty of falling into that. But I want to take care of myself as much as possible. I just think we shouldn’t be pressured into trying every single product that has all these claims. Use what truly works for your skin and keep it simple.”

In addition, Donna regularly works out at the gym. Sometimes, she posts videos of intense workouts. She pushes herself to the limit in the gym, and maintaining her toned body requires significant effort on her part.

She admitted to getting plastic surgery.

Donna openly admitted that she has undergone a plastic surgery procedure. At one point, she lost 40 pounds, and her skin lost its elasticity and became saggy. Due to feeling uncomfortable about this, she decided to opt for a surgical intervention to tighten her skin. She openly wrote about it on Instagram, adding the following, “I have no shame in admitting that. It made me feel better and more confident”

However, she denies other interventions and strongly responds to comments from people who dismiss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and workouts that help Donna stay in shape.

“What they love to say, whenever I post a photo of myself where I’m looking really great and my body looks great — they don’t like to credit it to all of the hard work that I have done in the gym. They like to credit it to the plastic surgery that I had years ago. Well, let me tell you something: You can’t create my body that you’ve seen me posting on Instagram in an operation room. It just can’t be done. There’s no amount of money that can do that.”

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