The Addams Family’s Cast Has Changed Significantly Over the Years

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The Addams Family has been entertaining many generations in the last decades. As the years have passed, their appearance and demeanor have changed too. Let’s take a look at how these spooky yet beloved characters used to look compared with their modern counterparts. Make sure to check the bonus point to see what the original Wednesday looked like.

1. Wednesday

2. Morticia

3. Gomez

4. Uncle Fester

5. Lurch

6. Pugsley

Bonus: 1964 Morticia

In the 1964-1966 television series version of The Addams Family, Morticia was portrayed by actress Carolyn Jones. Beginning in the 1950s, she acted in movies and by 1957 had been nominated for an Academy Award for her work in The Bachelor Party.

She was known for her signature gothic look. And wore long, black dresses and accessorized with gloves and pearls. Also, Jones wore a black wig for the role that took her two hours to put on.

Who do you think performed the best? Which cast would you rather watch again and again?


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