This Harry Potter Universe Father-Son Screen Duo Reunion Left 12 Million Fans in Tears

4 months ago

When the actors from Harry Potter universe get together again, it’s like a treat for fans. It’s awesome to see that they’re not just friends on screen, but they actually hang out and enjoy each other’s company in real life. And this father-son reunion is a special one.

Tom Felton recently thrilled Harry Potter enthusiasts with a delightful treat: a reunion snapshot featuring him and his on-screen father, Jason Isaacs, who portrayed Lucius Malfoy to Felton’s Draco Malfoy.

Felton shared a heartwarming picture of the duo with his 12 million followers. He sported a coral pink bomber jacket, a white t-shirt, beige pants, and white sneakers. On the other hand, Isaacs embraced a darker aesthetic with a black NY hat, a black puffer jacket, dark jeans, and appropriately, dad sneakers.

In the caption, Felton wrote, “Father & son x,” accompanied by a Slytherin snake emoji and a red heart.

Over the years, the former coworkers have stayed in touch, and Jason has consistently been a solid source of encouragement for Tom’s endeavors in playing, music and writing. This support has been unwavering since Tom’s early days as a child actor in the Harry Potter series.

Jason’s comments about Tom are always full of warmth and pride. Like this one about the play where Felton took part: “So proud and, along with the audience, thrilled to see my boy commanding the stage today, breaking hearts and filling pants. Equally terrifying, he’s recording music and has a book coming out too. I feel smug if I take the bins out on the right day (doesn’t happen often). I’d hate him if I didn’t love him.”

And his birthday posts can’t leave anyone without tears of emotion. From year to year Jason has something special to say: “Holy hairy heroes son — you’re Jesus’s age today! In these strangest of dark days you’re always a ray of light to me. Thanks for making mischief, music and magic for this fan (and all the others too). Happiest of Birthday Bonanzas. Love ya kid. Fake Dad.”

Following the conclusion of the Harry Potter series, Felton has primarily pursued a few modest TV and movie roles, shifting his focus to his musical endeavours. Tom also actively engages in charitable activities, demonstrating his commitment to philanthropy. Moreover, he generously donated a portion of the earnings he received for portraying the character of Draco.

Isaacs, on the other hand, has not only lent his voice to video games but has also taken on roles in productions such as Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and Star Trek: Discovery, among other projects.


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